Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fabulous Life of....

Sorry this will be kind of a short email, its been kind of one of those weeks where I'm just not really sure what to write. A lot happened this week, we had our Zone Conference that went so well it was great! I learned sooo much from the Assistants and of course from President. It really was a great conference, our musical number went well too, we played "Where can I turn for Peace" one of my favorites :) The conference was in La Carlota which is like a little over an hour from Handumanan and we had to drive through Vallodolid ( my first area) that was exciting for me and I loved showing Sis Ball my first area.

Sis Ball experienced a life in the day of Sis Grant last night, poor thing. We were walking along the road to one of our appts. it was about 6pm and a little boy ran out in front of us and got hit by a car right there in front of us. It was pretty bad he was only about 8 years old. I ran over to him and started talking to him and...we'll just say dealing with the situation. haha A crowd gathered and to make it worse the driver of the car was drunk and angry at me because I wouldn't let him touch the little boy who I was afraid was going to be paralyzed from the look of his body. I had blood all over me and gross I know but I also had 2 of his teeth in my hand. Anyways to keep this from giving you nightmares mom know that all is well they took the little boy to the hospital after his Grandma finally showed up but not until after the drunk driver man tried to snatch the boy away from me and I "Kindly yet forcefully" told him NOT TO TOUCH THAT BOY and then he slapped me a good one right across my face! It was the so ridiculous haha I was so shocked at what happened before I could even look back at him and say something two men had grabbed him and were rippin him a new one. Anyways a bad, and sad situation turned out fine and the little boy was taken care of and so was the reckless man driving drunk and I walked away with another 'Brooklyn Story turned Sis Grant story" and a sweet red hand print on my face for evidence. Stuff just really does happen to me haha even in the Pines! Most people say I have awful luck but I think its awesome I'm always in the right place at the right time to help someone and even though its not always the "ideal" situation I'm grateful and excited for those opportunities :)

On a lighter note. ROSANA DOGOMEO got baptized and confirmed yesterday!!!! Oh man I was one happy girl I'm pretty sure you could see her beautiful smile and her family beaming from AZ if you were watchin for it. It was sooo awesome! and then for my LAST Sunday in Handumanan both Bishops asked me to bear my testimony BUT since I had just spoken in church last week and have born my testimony at the pulpit there sooo many times AND since I had my violin still I bore my testimony through my music which is one of my personal favorite ways anyways :) I played I know that my Redeemer Lives and there wasn't a dry eye in the church...including mine! haha its a good thing I know that song well because I couldn't see a single note on my page haha. The spirit was so strong and both bishops got up afterwards and gave incredible talks about the importance of listening to conference and the opportunity it is to gain a testimony of our Savior and his plan and of our Living Prophet! It was sooooo wonderful I can't even express in words the feeling in both meetings. It was sooo sad though because it was my last Sunday and I can't explain how much I love Handumanan and the people there especially the members and the Bishops.Tomorrow I find out where I'm transferring to on Friday which will most likely be my last area. My feelings and emotions are soooo mixed and up and down. I'm stoked for a new area and the challenges and new things that come with that, but I will definitely be leaving more than a piece of my heart in Handumanan.

I'm sooooooo thrilled to hear about the work ya'll are doin with our Indian Ancestors!!!! That's SO COOL! Keep it up so I can come home and join ya'll in the temple! Because please believe I will be in the temple AT LEAST once a week for the rest of my life!
Well I'll have more about everything next week!

P.s thanks for saying you got the package I was getting worried it got lost at sea.
Hope you like it all I'll have more when I come home :)
Sister Grant


  1. 4 months??? It seems like you just left! Probably not for your family though! :):) Sounds like you are doing great and serving the people in many ways! The Lord needs faithful missionaries and he's gonna miss you this summer! :):) Hope to see you at the Heap Reunion and hear some more crazy stories!!