Monday, April 5, 2010

Makin History Baby!!!!

Alright first off thanks for all the letters! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed and got to listen to conference! I can't wait!! We have to wait one week for the re-satellite broadcast so ours is this Saturday and Sunday the 10th-11th and I'm so pumped I can hardly stand it!! I can't believe how cold it is there, we are DYING over here it is so hot in my new area too because I'm higher up and right along the coast so its even more humid...please help me. haha

SOOO Drum roll please! well I was transferred to 'Old Sagay'. And this is where the history and magic begins haha. Old Sagay has been a closed area for the last 7 months and My companion Sis Cruz and I are the first sisters to ever be assigned here, or even on this part of the island! When President called me into his office the Wednesday before transfers on Friday and asked if I was up to the challenge I was literally speechless. There has been NO missionary work there for 7 months and the elders before were pulled out because they were having a lot of problems with the ward and with the work. Needless to say I was a little nervous. I'm about 2 hours or so from the city in the northern part of Negros Island. Our area is BEAUTIFUL, its very close to the ocean and is nothing but rolling hills and mountains. it reminds me a lot of Valladolid just not as flat but everyone is basically a fisherman or a farmer. We were at the office ALL Friday because we didn't even have a house yet haha and when we finally got there it For the first 3 days we had 1 bed, no water and no food, the doors didn't even have locks and there is a 'Tuko' GIANT lizard that is really loud living in our kitchen we lost electricity 4 times already ahah and I already had to break down the Bathroom door because we didn't have a key not to mention the clogged drain in the shower haha President came up yesterday and called the people to come make all the repairs so hopefully this week it should be getting better. I always loved camping no? My companion is Sis Cruz she is a 24 year old 5'7 drop dead gorgeous filipina and if nothing else i can definitely use her to OYM (open your mouth) :) She is so hard-working and is ready for the challenge as I am. Despite all of this I'm sooo excited for this transfer. Yesterday at church was amazing! The ward is sooo excited just to have missionaries back they are helping us a ton! Yesterday in ward council I proposed a Search and Rescue activity like I did in Handumanan and they LOVED it so we are planning on that for the 18th. Testimony meeting was awesome and the spirit in the ward is soo strong. I'm pumped!

Yesterday I had a 103 fever, maybe from all the stress of the move and opening an area out in the middle of nowhere haha but I'm feeling a ton better today when President came by yesterday he asked me how I was feeling and I said why?and he just flat out said in English because you look horrible hahah the AP's gave me a blessing and the fever broke immediately....gotta love the priesthood :) I drank some good ole 300mg ibprofen and have been getting better ever since.
Well I'll fill ya'll in on my thoughts from conference next week and how the work goes this week. Stay happy and healthy haha I know I should take my own advice haha anyways! LALU!!!

Sister Grant

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