Monday, March 8, 2010

From last week that didn't send so she resent it

Alright I'm sorry its going to have to be quick this week but I've redeemed myself already
because I sent a package home this morning to you guys and you'll LOVE it :) it has pictures
and a tape from me! haha

So this week was good one and we didn't have anything really exciting happen.
I was a little freaked out in the beginning of the week because ya'll wrote about me bleeding
from my ears and getting all bruised and what not then like 4 other people told me the same
thing here so lets just say I was on my guard a little more this week haha but I'm still in one
piece and lovin life :)We have 2 baptisms coming in March on the 13th and on the 20th I'm
really excited I'll tell you more about them when they get closer. I'm so jealous of your
trip mom and hope ya'll have a blast! Its definitely hot here and just getting hotter! haha I
haven't heard anything about the storms coming up but I'll keep ya posted.
Dad I want you to know I'm so proud of all the hard work your putting into "our" company haha
and I know that the Lord will help you make all the right choices in order to be successful if
you continue to trust him. Colton I'm so happy for your new job offer and I'll keep praying
it goes well for you. Denee, glad to hear your still preggers :) and Alexa and Bailey I love
you girls more than you could EVEN imagine P.s new favorite song...PARTY IN THE USA! haha I
always here it on Jeepneys and I love it. Well all is well in Handumanan as usual and I'll
write more next week I promise!
Love you thanks for the Letters! P.S Dad your slackin on the writing! haha lalu
Always, Sister Grant

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