Monday, March 15, 2010

Amo man Gihapon...

I can't believe ya'll are going to Hawaii!!!?? no one ever told me that was even in the game plan I'm so jealous! Girls you are gonna have a blast! I'm so excited for you and when ya'll step off that plane and the humidity smacks ya in the face like a semi....think of me and smile ok? It is definitely getting hot over here. I'm pretty sure ya'll stole all the rain because we are in a drought they call it El Nino...(which means the Nino haha ;) colton) but we haven't seen rain in forever and the sun is Blazin everyday. When we come home in the afternoon for lunch we can't even wash our hands because the water that comes out of the pipes from the faucet is like boiling!
So this week we had some disappointing things happen with our investigators we had to move back the baptismal date for the Subiaga Family but that's actually ok because I know it will be so much better for them even if I get transferred and don't get to see them get baptized. Sis Ball can just send me a pic or something :) Then The Camasora girls had a few issues with their father and no matter what we did he decided to forbid them from getting was so sad I was seriously heartbroken but I know their Mother has the desire and so do they and in the due time of the Lord they will be able to be baptized and I know they are strong and until then will continue to exercise their faith and keep strong. On the other hand we went to visit one of my recent converts if ya'll remember Josie Durmentes and her family...we went there last night and they showed me their plans that they had made with Bishop to be sealed in the Temple this Nov. They invited me and said they would be doing it in the new Cebu temple I was so happy I could hardly stand it! SO the work is still going great, we're still truckin right along with our new male investigators and working really hard with Less active families and the retention of our wards its really fun and exciting seeing families that haven't been to church in forever come to church and be welcomed so warmly by all the members. I LOVE IT!

I just had our monthly interview with President and it went well he thanked me for the work I've done in Handumanan and told me some great things from the stake presidency there. He also hinted that I would be transferring which..considering I've been there for 7 months now I kind of figured haha. We talked a little about my health and he said since the medicine they gave me that I've been trying for two weeks now hasn't really had an effect they'd probably have me come in again on Thursday and do some blood work which we all know is just my favorite...NOT! We'll see how that goes, I'll keep ya'll posted.

So everything is going great. I'm conscious and happy haha We have our Zone Conference coming up on the 24th and President asked me to play the violin so that always makes me even happier and means I get to take his violin home for a week or so :)
Hope all goes well with your trips and everyone has fun. Stay safe and girls try surfing its soooo fun once you get the hang of it! Love you all and miss ya tonz!

LALU Always,
Sister Grant

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