Sunday, June 28, 2009

Helllooo everyone! I hope everyone is really doing as good as they sounds in letters and emails! Thank you again for always sending them, it truly is like Christmas every Monday morning when I get to read them :) So this week was great. Alexa I laughed so hard at your nature comment haha imagine how I feel! I've been "camping" for the last 4 months! but I truly LOVE it here I can't picture myself anywhere else right now. Ok short funny story, the 24th they celebrated John the Baptist Bday here...or in other words everyone just eats and sits around all day haha and they throw buckets of water on people!! hahah it was so ridiculous we were dodging buckets all day. One time I was bent down helping a little boy put his chain back on his bike and I barely got away from getting drenched the guy came up from behind me and my comp screamed..ha the little boy got wet but he didn't seem to mind we all just laughed as the guy ran away. So we had our Mission conference on Fri our last conference with Pres he goes home on July 2 It was all the missionaries on Negros Island so again I couldn't see Sis Fairweather I was sad but hopefully she'll be at transfers Sterling comes in 3 weeks!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it :) Conference was really good and I will really miss Pres and Sister Daquiaog. My area is good, the work is going well we are still finding a ton of LA and PM families but reactivation is going strong and finally the members are starting to see us bringing them to church and want to help us more. We had a signal 1 typhoon on wed which means 60-80 KM winds and no power. It was....interesting haha we had to sleep in Bago city because there was no transportation in or out of valladolid for us to go to Conference in Bacolod. It was wet but fun. Happy Birthday Tasha on the 23rd :) and I hope all of you have a wonderful week, I'm so excited to hear so many of my friends and family members are experiencing and enjoying the blessings of the temple PADAYON!! (continue!) haha Theres no other greater work we can do than temple work! I love you all so much. No worries All is well!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Will Survive!!...Hey Hey

Mayong Aga!!! Hello everyone! Things are going great here as usual, My new comp and I have been together for a week or so now and I love her! we have so much fun and She works really hard which is good because we have our work cut out for us. We were struggling to get some solid progressing investigators so last week we prayed and fasted that we would be lead to those the Lord wanted us to teach in order to strengthen the ward here. All week we reaped the blessings of that fast it was incredible! Every single person we met and OYMed (open your mouthed) was a Less active or Part member family! Something finally clicked with the Bishopric and Ward missionaries and they've started to really help us a ton! Its going so well and I can see some serious progression happening here :) There are over 800 members in Valladolid but barely 100 at church each week THATS RIDICULOUS! I feel like going out to the Plaza where they all gather all day and standing on the fountain and Saying No matter what your concern Regardless of the Reason I have 1 question! " In all your years as a believer, have you never felt the stirring?" haha (mom :) ) (For all of you reading this that's a quote from the church movie "The Testaments") Seriously though I 'm determined to do something about this. I have some ideas and we've been seeing results but I want more we could have a whole new stake just in Valladolid! TULONG BRO LELSIE ahah any suggestions? sending out the corner dweller bat signal :) The language is continuing to improve each day Sis Ruadil was a teacher so she helps me soooo much its such a blessing. We had another Baptism on Sat ( alexa, bailey...) Sis Diana Jover we reactivated her husband and they have a 4 month old baby girl ADORABLE it was so wonderful to see their beautiful family make the necessary steps towards becoming an eternal family. Anyways thank you as always for your letters and emails! The conference issue is incredible and I hope you all are reading it over and over again! GO TO THE TEMPLE! :) and I love you all so much.
All is Well :)

P.S no I didn't get to see my dear Sis Fairweather but maybe soon...she is on the other island right now so maybe next transfer.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Gummi Worms and Soup!!

Hello!!! First I just want to say I got your package mom and I'm pretty sure the entire world could feel my glee haha I sat down with a bowl of my favorite potato soup and gummi worms like it was thanksgiving dinner and a french silk pie!! THANK YOU! The shoes fit and are adorable ( as cute as rubber shoes can be hah) and the articles and letters were wonderful Mahal Kita :) Next, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! I love you so much dad hope you had a great day. So this week was an interesting one. Si Manzon of course left early Tues morning so I was put in charge of my area. I was nervous to be left alone but knew the Lord would help me, and he did. The ward missionary that worked with me was a little difficult she wouldn't follow any of the rules cuz she said she wasn't a missionary so it was a bit hard but all turned out well to be honest it was all the Lord there's no way I could have done it alone. I woke up alone went to bed alone while she did other things, I had to plan and organize a baptism that we had yesterday for 2 boys whose father is excommunicated and mom is in Singapore it was frustrating at times but luckily All IS WELL :) the Baptism went good and now I have a new companion and she is wonderful her name is Sis Ruadil ( Row-a-deel) shes from up by manila and has been our 9months. I can tell we're going to work really well together. It's still pretty nerve racking because its like I'm the senior I lead everything, planning, where we go who we teach what we teach and I lead the lessons. Shes a bit shy and of course doesn't know the area but the Lord answers my prayers everyday and helps me every minute. The language is actually going really well, it's finally started to click! YEAHHHHH!!! Thank you for all the emails and yes, Ben I got your email and the hand written letter ;) Alexa and Bailey I had 2 baptisms yesterday so you know what that means...and if you don't you'll be getting a letter soon and you'll understand :) I love you all so much and I'm glad to hear every ones doing well. Congrats Corey and Krieg on the Temple marriages!! Another one bites the dust huh? haha Well I love you all and hope you have a good safe week!

Love Always,

Monday, June 8, 2009

Swine Flu!!!

Well I wasn't surprised to hear about the whole swine flu thing cause we got it here too, President sent out a newsletter to everyone to warn us and tell us what to do if we got sick. Of course, the next day Sis Manzon started showing symptoms and I had an ear infection...don't worry I've been taking my pills loyally and never got sick and Florence Nightingaled my comp back to health with oxy pure and ice cream. She laughed so hard when I asked her to put the diluted Oxypure in my ear she calls it magic potion cause I put it in my water and we've been putting it on this little wart on her thumb and its going away and now I was putting it in my ear! haha I thought it was funny I thought about the Windex in the Greek wedding movie! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well as usual I cant believe you sold the boat dad!!! WOW is all I can say but I know immediate blessings come from obedience...believe me. We have our first Typhoon coming probably this week its been stormin like crazy. I'll admit its kinda scary sometimes but no worries so far so good. We lose power a lot but its not so bad cause the rain makes it not so hot just humid as all get out! We had 2 more baptisms while I didn't have email the Ganancial Family and I have 2 more in June the work is just going great! My comp goes home tom morning and I'm a little nervous cause that means I'm working with a ward missionary until Fri when I get my new comp. This means I have to lead everything like a senior comp, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that but I guess I don't have a choice huh?! HA hopefully I'll be able to see sis Fairweather at transfers on Fri! Well I love you all so much and I'm so glad everything is going so good, weddings, baby blessings, ct. Girls write me and let me know how girls camp goes you know I how much I LOVED camp! A Lot of you should be getting letters without email I had more time to write :) LALU!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Haha Hello everyone email is back on YEEAAHH!! Thank you President, I don't have time to write now he just said we could update our families thats its back on so there you are we are back to emailing! Thanks for the package comin mom! :) Love you all!! oh and I got the package from Deb and the memory card THANKS FOR THE CHOCOLATE!! But I was soooo sad because the memory card ya'll sent back all the pictures are fine but when I try to watch the videos it says file error so that stinks but thanks for the pics!