Monday, March 8, 2010

RoLlEr cOAstRr aNYoNe?‏..... and look below for another post as well

Alright so sorry I just realized my letter last week never sent but it wasn't a very good one anyway so its ok. SO this week was up and down for sure I'll tell you the bad part first to end on a good note :) Unfortunately my symptoms from the MTC and earlier days in the mission started again. Its really frustrating not to mention painful but I spent a lot of time this week trying to rest and let my body re-coop. I had another "seizure like" episode on Tuesday and passed out a few times which obviously isn't normal haha but I went to see a neurologist and a regular ol doc the same one I went to with the rabies ( yeah he just looked at me like seriously sis grant...again?) haha I got some medications and have been feeling a little better. No need to worry I promise I'm alive and really fine, just a minor set back. But on the other hand even with all the unconsciousness...haha We had some awesome things happen this week!

Last week at our District meeting they announced that Tracting is now not allowed and we have to use the members and Referrals 100%. This is fine in Handumanan because we just had 2 great reactivation activities and have plenty of work plus the members are awesome so I wasn't worried about that. Then they said we have to have 5 new Male Investigators each week! Obviously we focus all our efforts on finding families and especially young fathers to help the priesthood and organization of the church here but I was a little nervous about reaching 5 every week. We have 3 really strong male investigators right now, but its always tricky with men because...being the only 2 white women in town we get quite a bit of attention luckily I've been there for so long everyone in the city pretty much knows me haha but its still hard finding men that are actually interested and don't just want to talk to us. Also Men are usually working and often to shy to talk to us. BUT of course when the Lord gives a commandment he also gives you a way to do it. So Sis Ball and I went home and prayed to find ways to reach this goal...that very day we started seeing the Lords hand in our work. We went to the house of Bro Subiaga and his 2 sons who will be baptized on the 20th and his friend were there. When we walked in he looked at my tag and said "Hey I have one of your books..but I have some questions.." REALLY? haha we were so excited and got his address and set an appt right there. Then the next day the family that we live with has a daughter who lives with them right now with her baby and husband, as we were walking out of our apartment after lunch to go back out the daughter informed us that her husband wasn't a member and would love for us to start teaching him....YES PLEASE! haha 2 down 3 to go... no farther than right outside the gate a man chases us down saying "Hey are you mormons?" we stopped and talked to him for a sec and he asked if we had anything he could read about our church...Um yeah we GLADLY handed him a pamphlet and our names and set an appt! I LOVE IT! Then, one of the Less Active ladies we found through our activity the other day helped us find number 4. We had been trying to go teach her family 3 times and each time she would either refuse or hide from us, then the other night we went by one more time and she was there and invited us in, we focused on building her trust in us and talking to her to help her feel more comfortable...things were going really well and then I had a feeling we should leave a prayer before we left so I prayed and asked the Lord to help her be an example to her husband and family and to soften the heart of her husband so that their families life could be blessed by the gospel. When we said "Amen" she was sobbing and she opened up about some problems they were having and we were able to feel the spirit so strong and she told us she would talk to her husband and invited us back to her home to start teaching him. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!! haha We're still workin on #5 but with the way things are going I'm not to worried about it ;)

So I hope all is well with everyone and youre all enjoying the blessings of having a missionary out for 4 more months ;) haha I love you all so much and miss you even more!
Seriously Mom, Dad don't freak out about my health I'm talking all my pills everyday and drinking like 2 gallons of water daily too. I'll be fine don't call the mission office. I'm in the Lords hands, it will all work out. If I'm not worried about it neither should you guys. I got my "trunky letter" last week my official departure date is June 23.. and I told them I'd like to fly into Sky Harbor haha they asked me and I just laughed. It felt so weird to even think about that airport I can't believe I'm getting those kind of papers from the office! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MISSION?!

haha welp, LALU
ALways, Sister Grant

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