Monday, March 22, 2010

Small World!!!!

Alright well I know we should all be pretty used to ridiculous things happening to me by now but mom you will LOVE this one haha

So of course its my P-day and after we practiced for our musical number on Thursday my whole district decided to go bowling! I was so excited. We went to this random place, we got 2 lanes and started to bowl when all the sudden there was a mans hand on my shoulder....haha I turn around to hear " Are you Brooklyn Grant?" Hah! I looked at the sunburned white man standing there and said..."are you Rick Eaton?" haha Are ya kidding me? of all the random places in the whole city of Bacolod and he had decided to play pool with his bro in law! We talked for awhile and he got to hear my Ilonggo as I chatted with his Bro in law, I took a picture with him no worries mom. I gave him a way to contact me and hopefully I'll get to see him again soon and meet his family :) Small World...RANDOM!

So this week was great, to sum it up we had 2 really great lessons with 2 families that have been kind of struggling both teachings were so powerful. I love when you can almost see the moment the spirit touches them or the moment understanding and peace changes their whole countenance. We have a baptism this coming sat..which will be a FABULOUS way to end my stay in my dear Handumanan. Its the baptism of Rosana Dogomeo and I've been teaching her since my first transfer here! She is the only one in her family that isn't a member and she has had so many struggles and trials that she has gone thru and overcome in order for her to finally join her family and I can't think of a better way that I could leave my town of Handumanan than to see her whole family (there's 7 of them) all reactivate in the church and sweet Rosana sitting there on the Bench with them! I can't wait!

It sounds like your Hawaii trip was awesome! I'm so glad you girls loved the PCC that was my favorite too. I went there almost everyday when I was there. Remember how I met those kids and jump roped with them every morning..and then it turned out his dad was like the V.P of the PCC and he gave me a free pass any day haha I love my life. That place is so fun and entertaining. I am STOKED about your ukes! I'm having a guy carve the phils islands into the back of mine here so I can have when I get home I know so many cool island songs I've learned here I can't wait to teach you girls! Keep it up and it'll be a SWEET jam session just like old times :)
Dad your trip to China sounded like it went really well too, Its so crazy to imagine you speaking in front of 500 people! But that's awesome I'm so proud of you. I'm still really planning on taking over your company someday when you and mom serve your own missions so keep up the good work Boss ;)

The Doctors went really well, first of all I didn't even flinch when they were drawing all my blood. I've definitely overcome that fear now haha same ole same ole now. They changed my Medicine again and its really working so far so this week has been accident free and wonderful! No need to worry, I'll probably go in for another checkup in 2 weeks or so just to make sure all is how it should be and then I think I'm in the clear! HALLELUJAH! how ever you spell that haha

Anyways, I love you all so much and I'm so glad your all doing so well. Keep reading your Scriptures everyday...I gave a talk in church yesterday about the Book of Mormon and how its the answer to all our problem and concerns. It went really well and I hope all of you are reading even if its 10 minutes a day. It makes a difference I promise!

Always, Sister Grant

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