Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC's- Arson, Bata, Cousins!!!‏

Man I'm jealous ya'll got to go to the 24th and I didn't and Heap reunion too! Ya'll know that's my all time favorite time of the year. I was happy to hear though that it wasn't the same without me..duh of course not thats MY town haha I figured ya'll wouldn't go to the rodeo since you usually only went to watch my races :) but I'm glad ya'll had a good time. I can't believe you got released mom its about time ha but you will be a great Sunday school teacher.

So this week was crazy we had transfers on Friday and I was transferred to my 2nd area. Its right in the city. Its called Bata which means child haha My companion is Sis Bradey she's from New Zealand and goes home in Nov. It's alot of change. My 2 areas and companions are completely opposite, it should be interesting but I'm exciting for the change and the new challenges that come with new areas. My 2nd day in the area, my reputation continued as our investigators house caught on fire! right by the church 2 houses burned and a little store. It was awful. Luckily no one got hurt. I 'm not sure how it even started but all the electrical wires were sparkin and I thought the big cable box was going to explode. We all just ran it was kinda scary. I'd never experienced a fire like that. We got tornadoes in Missouri, I've got monsoons and dust storms in AZ, Typhoons and floods under my belt and now fires!

I finally got to see Sterling on Friday I was sooooo excited. Oh my goodness I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug it was funny we got some looks at first and then we explained we were related and all was well :) He looked so good and it was so nice talking to him, Bro. Leslie was his teacher in the MTC too so it was fun to talk about that. I was thrilled because they put him in my zone so I'll see him at Zone conference and meetings and activities! I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN SIS FAIRWEATHER! She didn't transfer so she's still on Panay island. I feel like I'll never see her again when she transfers back to Negros I'll probably head to panay! Hopefully I'll see her soon I sure miss her. Well I hope ya'll have a good time at the reunion without me....try at least ;) I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear about it all. Thanks everyone for writing and emailing me! If you could at the bottom of your emails write your addresses so I can write back because I don't have alot of yours Thanks!

Love always,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Melodies of the Gospel Life :)

Hello Family!!! How is everyone doing? Thanks for the updates everyone is so good at writing me I really am so grateful for it :) This week was great as usual, we did have another big storm but at least our house didn't flood this time, but my area was completely underwater. It was interesting. ha we were walking to one of our investigators houses in knee deep water and all the sudden a school of fish swam by our legs!! HA! there's a lot of little fish ponds around so when it floods all the fish get let loose and free to swim around! The coolest thing happened the other day we were really praying to find new young families to teach ( as all missionaries do everyday) and all day we were punted it was so hard it just seemed like everyone was too busy or not home. As we were walking down the street all the sudden this man walked up to us with a huge grin and said "I've been looking everywhere for you guys!" that's like the BEST thing a missionary could hear! turns out him and his wife are 24 and she will have a baby in 2 months about 8months ago he met with the elders and they taught the first lesson and then those elders got in a bad accident on the highway here in my area and a truck hit them as they were walking and the Filipino died and the American was sent home with his injuries so they never returned and he had been looking for the missionaries ever since! Of course we were soooo excited and were able to teach them again. They are so great and I was so happy the Lord had led him to us.

Then the son in law of our landlord came up to us and asked if I could write down the lyrics to the music I was singing the other day.. haha I was so confused I guess he had been listening to me as I was washing my clothes outside the other morning. I wash early at like 5am and he had been sitting reading and I didn't know he was there haha I was just singing hymns and what not I wrote down the lyrics to some of my favorite hymns I thought he'd enjoy and we set up an appointment to meet with him and his family! I love music :) Anyways life is good here and I'm still just in awe everyday that I'm actually here having the opportunity to do this, its so incredible. I'm soooo excited sterling comes on Friday!! I'm so sad I'm missing the 24th but I know ya'll will have fun for me :) I'll be thinking about you all and I love you all so much!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Floods, falls and island hopping!‏

Sorry about the no subject last week I must have forgot! ha Oh and sorry for not writing last week as you guessed it STOOORRRM! haha This week was sooo busy but a blast. On Sunday we had our interviews with our new president, Pres. Tobias. He came to our apartment to check everything and meet us of course he had to visit all the apartments so it was quick but he seemed really nice and he's so tiny :) We later learned our apt got picked for the Mission Tour with Pres Edwards (area president of the Philippines) I guess all the scrubbin and cleanin payed off he will visit in August. Monday our zone went to Mambukal mountain just outside of Bacolod but its huge you can see it from Valladolid. We Hiked 3 1/2hrs to the top it was seriously the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my life! all the way up you pass "the 7 falls of Mambukal" it's really as cool as it sounds I promise. out of our zone only 8 of us made it all the way to the 7th fall I thought I was going to die it was soooo hot and humid because of the storm pero it was sooo worth it! The waterfalls were beautiful and the view can't be described I was absolutely lovin it! Then the storm came ahaha but we made it down ok and it was a blast.

Tuesday we traveled back to bacolod for district meeting and then I slept in Bata, because on wed I got in the little paddle boat and braved the waves for an hour and 1/2 to Panay Island for something for all our visas it was so fun to see and be with all the Americans and Polys plus I ate the most amazing burger I've ever had not to mention it was the size of my body! Finally Thursday I returned to my area and I was excited to get back to work, Bro Mantano will be baptized this week and I can't wait I've been waiting for his baptism for sooo long his children are members but he wasn't He's been through soo much to make it to his baptism and the changes Ive seen him make have been incredible he is so strong and his faith is deep I'm thrilled for his family. The work is going full speed, we were worried because the storms have been sooo bad flooding up to our knees in some places and our house flooded....yeah that was interesting. But the lord has blessed us so much we were able to teach so much this week even with the storm I was so grateful, I know the Lord provides a way if you just show him your willing to go and do. I'm sending my memory card home tom so you all can stop whining!! hahah Yes, mom I actually used my testimony glove last week! in primary we got to church and no one was there it was just us and our 6 investigators haha the members finally came and I taught primary for some reason. Did i ever tell you I've been the ward pianist ever since my first Sunday here? haha oh man gotta love the pines no? I love you all and I'm glad to hear you all had a safe and fun 4th of July. I sang the national anthem on the top of my lungs in our apt i terrified my comp but boy it felt good. My camera is broken but I think they can fix it here. If not I'll let you know because I have a warranty for a year. Love ya All is well :)