Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tears on my Palda (skirt)

Well Ive officially almost completed my MTC stay and I couldn't be more sad I LOVE it here I cant believe that there are some people that hate the MTC! In Gym they have this record board and everyone that goes to gym at that time can try to set and break records there's probably about 60 people in the gym during our time and on Sat I definitely set the record for most Free throws for the sisters! HA I think its funny anyways, So the last 2 districts that were here when I got here are leaving today and its AWFUL! 2 of my sisters are headin out and some amazing Elders I will miss them so much. Now my district and the other one that came in with me are the oldest ones here which is so weird KAKAIBA!!

Man this week was such a good one I just Love everyone here it makes it so much easier to endure all the hard parts when your surrounded by such great people. I couldn't love my companion more if I tried! She is such an amazing person and she teaches me so much every single day! And OH how we laugh! I just Love everything about this entire experience I have learned more about the Gospel, about people, and about myself in the Last 6 weeks than ever in my life and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

Elder Ballard spoke to us on Tuesday night and it was AWESOME!!! I was singing in the choir of course and the spirit was incredible when he walked into the room and all 2000 missionaries stood while he entered. WHEW EEE! We sang we are all enlisted as we continued to stand in front of an Apostle of the Lord it was something I will never forget.

Thursday Night we taught in the TA center the first Lesson SA TAGALOG!! completely no English! it was terrifying ahaha but so cool because we totally did it and the spirit was able to be there so we must have done something right :) Yesterday sister Fairweather and I taught the lesson in the district meeting It went really well The spirit was leading us through the entire thing and you could feel it! It was definitely an experience that I will carry through my mission also the one I had on Sat night with my companion and Bro Leslie I know that I will be able to reflect on both experiences on my mission and remember the Lord is helping me and If we prepare and go with a pure intent to bring others unto Christ and not to carry out our own agenda miracles can occur and the spirit WILL use us as tools in the Lords Hands and its an incredible feeling I hope I have many more opportunities like that.

I hope that you all are doing great and I'm glad you got my tape and letters. I cant wait to get them back! I love you all so much and I pray for you everyday. Thank you so much for the support and the prayers I am truly feeling the blessings from them. :)

Mahal kita

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some voice recordings of Brooklyn

Hey everyone here are some voice recordings of Sis. Grant. Enjoy!!!

The First Vision

Her Testimony

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kumusta Kayo!

Kumusta Kayo! Well another week down and only 4 more to go!! can you believe
that?! banal baka ( holy cow hahahaha) I cannot believe I'll be in the
Philippines in 4 weeks I'm sooooo not ready. Well language wise, I'm super pumped
to go I'd leave right now if they'd let me but there's always that
suffocating panic of hey wait I don't speak your language!! ayos lang i know the
Lord is blessing me and will continue to do that. This week has been yet another
roller coaster....this whole coordinating sister thing is either going to save
me or kill me but my hopes in the first one ;) Since I got called there's
only been 2 nights I haven't spent up talking through the night with one of the
sisters that's struggling. One in particular was having a really difficult time
and wanted to go home. I was trying everything I could to comfort her and help
her so she would stay I told her to stick it out and wait to go to the temple
today and yesterday I just really felt I needed to talk to her so I pulled her
into a room after church and she told me she had made the decision to go home. I
talked to her for about 45 min and it was a very sweet and humbling experience
for me. She is a wonderful sister and I hope she feels comfort with her decision
and I still pray for her all the time after our talk I walked her down to Pres
Heatons office and she was getting in the car with her sister within 2 hours. It
broke my heart. I just cried after she left, I'm so glad that the Lord has
blessed me with the desire to serve and allowed me the opportunity to be here.
Even if I didn't have that strong assurance that I'm where I'm supposed to be
I cant imagine anywhere else I'd rather figure it out than on a mission.

I've grown more in the last 5 weeks here and learned more than I ever have
in my entire life. The Lord blesses his missionaries and their families and I
know he is doing this for me. I'm so grateful for the Temple. All of you know how
much I love going to the temple and all the things we can do there. That
testimony has grown so much since Ive been here. I have no idea how I'd get
through another week if I couldn't start my Monday morning off in the temple. Every
week I'm reminded of the blessings promised and the covenants I've made and
the sweet peaceful feeling is something I try to carry with me throughout my
entire week. I hope that all of you take advantage of the blessing we have to
have temples so close to us. The Language is still coming, we're over the
hump now so its Tagalog only from here on out! Its sooooo frustrating and
amazing all at the same time! We taught the first lesson Completely in Tagalog on
Thursday and we actually did really well! He said our grammar was 85% correct
and he was able to feel the spirit. This was good news to me cuz I was just
hopin he would understand a thing we were saying! haha Class is still powerful
and intense as usual I cant believe how much we learn everyday its so
incredible. Well I love you all so much and I hope you get my letters this week
I wrote alot. I finally sent that tape I've had for the last week ha sorry
mom and I also sent my schedule so no worries. I got the Blog prints Salamat!
and Yes Denee we got your leaves ;) Thank you so much for all your prayers I
know they are helping me and I can feel your love and support!

Sister Grant

Monday, February 9, 2009

Muganda Umaga!

Kumusta Pamilya!I hope that everything is going well back at home, It really hit me this week how much I miss everyone but its ok I know your all doing great and Im still enjoying myself soooo much! This week was definetly a roller coaster. The new sisters came in and doubled our numbers in sisters and between the 3 new districts coming in on wed we went from a zone of like 24 to 40 somethin its crazy! but its so great cuz thats just more people to talk to in tagalog all day. It gets really hard to SYL (speak your language) when no one else in the MTC understands you haha. The language is still just a comin, you definetly have your off days and then the Lord grants you a AH HAH moment when suddenly the light comes on and you get it. its Glorious. Yesterday choir was probably the best thing thats ever happened to me haha we're singing Joseph first Prayer which if you know me at all you know I LOVE and just love the Prophet Joseph Smith so much anyways so that song has always been speacial to me. It was playing that song on the piano at one of my lessons so long ago that I felt the spirit testify to me the truthfulness of this gospel and bear witness that He IS a prophet of God.

So we get to choir and we all start singing and the director calls up like 6 or 7 missionaries to come to the microphone and share the first vision account in whatever language they were learning here while we "ooed" in the backround. I was a mess. The spirit was sooo strong and I know that the message we have is so important and that what happened to that 14 year old boy that day is being spread across the entire world! and in native tongues thru the power of the holy ghost and I am so grateful to be a part of that!! Oh man it was amazing. We'll sing it for the devotional on tues and I cant wait cuz I know its going to be even better!

The new sisters coming in has been really stressful on me. I've never had to deal with so many hormonal women all at the same time before and its really difficult to try and help and comfort them all but I know the Lord is helping me. I cant even tell you how many situations this week occured with the sisters coming to me with problems that I have NO idea how to fix or in need of guidance and comfort Im not sure how to give but I have felt the Holy Ghosts guidance and the assistance in knowing how to handle things and say the things the Lord needs and wants them to hear. Its been really humbling for me and also exciting to see how the Lord works thru his missionaries Im so thrilled to see what he has in store for me through out my mission ( ok ok and Im a little scared too ) ha. JENNYS HERE!!! I love seeing her! its so nice and fun to talk to her at night her room is like a few doors down from mine so we've had some really good talks and Im so glad we're in this together. This morning I had the most awesome experiences in the Temple. I love it so much Im so blessed to be able to go weekly and remember the covenants Ive made and remember that if I remain faithful and obedient to them the promises he has given us are incredible!! The best way to describe my feelings are just complete Joyful Content. I know Im where Im supoposed to be and I know the Lord is blessing me and I see his hand in all I do. I love you all so much and love hearing from you. I think of you all the time :)

Mahal Kita!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is my room, and my bed is the bottom bunk. Sis. Fairweather sleeps on top, thats also my desk and my closet.

This is my classroom. My desk is in the corner by my black jacket hanging up.

Panoramic view :) Other side of classroom.

Sis. Fairweather and I studying.

Elder Valle from my zone is on the left and Elder Johnson from my district on the right in the cafeteria.

ICE ON THE BUSH!!! Ridiculous

These are some elders from my zone.

Sister Fairweather and I at the temple.

Before church on Sunday.

My cousin Landry and I at the Temple on Sunday.

Sister Fairweather at her finest!

Sis. Waters & Sis. Anderson came in with us. We met them in line. They are headed to New Mexico and leave on Tuesday. :(

The girls in my zone that came in with me. I LOVE THEM!!! There's 6 of us and ALL SO AWESOME. Not a dud in the bunch!

My district. Yes they are 19! It's apparent :) but they are amazing elders none the least & of course my adorable Kasama (comp)

Chapped lips

I LOVE my green shoes & our first time at gym my companion put on those bright blue babies on & I knew I picked her in heaven ha ha!!

My girls again.

Sis. Inoke (love her) She is my fijian bodyguard. She's hilarious & loves me.

Sis. Inoke again

Ok, now the tribal sacrifice of the pantie-hose! HA! This happened Sunday night. All day they were driving me crazy & then I got a run in them! So during the fireside I leaned over to Sis. Fairweather and told her we were gonna sacrifice them because they we're driving me so Insane & I HATE THEM!! So afterwards we did just that. Boy was it something. We stretched those heinous things clear across the room! Tied them around our head and pretty much peed our pants. Our roommates didn't really know what to do with that. LOL It was hilarious.

Sis. Price never really shows emotion & I got her rolling!!!.........

......and then it's Sis. Hardin.

I drew on my shirt to show my mission.

Our sweet MTC hoodies (hardcore)



On P-day (Monday) We go to the 8 am session at the temple. These pics are on P-day in the laundry room.

Elder Valle & Elder Harris

Adorable Sister Hettig (love her) on the left and the coordinating sister, Sis. Miasaki. She hates me I think, but that's a whole other story :)

My comp, Sister Paquette (French), and Me.

Elder Gustin. Interesting fella. 25 year old army man. Knows I'm funny & secretly loves me but always tries to act hardcore & disgusted with me. It's hilarious.

My Brown Island Boys!! They leave on Tuesday and I'm sooooo sad! Elder Kasala is my #1 fav. he's on the far right. Then it goes, E. Awafuvi, E. Kongiaka, and E. Kasala

The Homies again. I love the Tongans and Samoans, they make me laugh so hard. I'll be so sad when they leave next week.

We're spelling out L-O-V-E

The epitome of our friendship........me cracking up & Gustin looking at me in disgust, trying his hardest not to laugh.


Wednesday morning service projects haha "The Bathroom Brigade!"
Our zone girls.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I know I know thats not even the language I'm speaking but its ok. so what do you get when you hear a china man and a Samoan trying to have a conversation??.....TAGALOG! This is certainly the craziest language ever ha its so fun and extremely hard to learn but things are going well so far. How is everything at home? I'm sorry I cant respond to everyones letters faster its pretty tough to find time to write. This past week and a half all the sisters in my zone were sick it was awful I of course was the only one who wasn't but they made my room the sick bay while I was in class so I got back and there were 4 sick girls sleeping in the empty beds in our room!! GROSS!! I went straight to the bookstore and got Clorox wipes and gave EVERYTHING in that room a wipe down haha everyone got better and of course then when the virus has mutated to something awful good ole Sis Grant decides to get it. I've only had it for the past few days but its all good, its mostly just a head cold I didn't get the nasty stomach stuff like the rest of them and I haven't missed any class. I wouldn't dare! we learn way to much in a day it would be like missing a week!

Ok so two of the older districts leave tomorrow and I'm SOOOO sad! I've only known them all 3 weeks and it feels like my whole life! I'm gonna miss them so much. I sent my memory card home so hopefully you got it or will get it soon the pictures of the girls in my zone there's 6 of us are all still staying here but all the amazing elders are leaving :( BUT...... We have 33 new missionaries coming in on Wed and guess who got called to be the Coordinating Sister ( = to a zone leader but for the sisters) HA yup yours truly :) I'm actually really excited Pres. Clarke called me in yesterday morning and extended the call. I get to do all the tours for the new missionaries and basically be the zone s big sister/mom I'm thrilled because I already LOVE!!! the girls in my zone and out of the 33 new ones there's 8 sisters! 3 of them are internationals so they'll be here on Tuesday night one from Fiji two from Tonga I'm not sure where the rest are from and they'll get here on wed. There's a lot more meetings then normal now with this calling but that's a whole other story I'm recording a tape and Ill probably send it off tomorrow and Ill tell you that story on there haha like you mom I'm a talker not a writer so its so much better on the tape.

Everything is going really well here I got home sick the other night but I just walked out of my room b-lined it for the vending machine got a choco taco and felt better in no time! ;) I miss you all so much its silly and I think about you all the time, Dad I did get your email just so you know so keep em coming! Oh I totally saw Sister Allen in the temple this morning! it was so random and she was so confused cuz she said I looked just like Denee HA she was like why are you here?! and I told her I was on a mission and she was freakin out! It was great seeing her, I love seeing people I know Ill be so sad cuz the 2 districts are leaving Landrys leaving, Andrew lee is leaving and even Morgan nelson is headed out! I cant even imagine only being here for 3 weeks! I feel like I just got here! I cant even believe its been 3 weeks already. Hey Denee could you send me print outs of the blogs you've done for my blog so far? I'd love to see what everyone else has been looking at. Mom I'm sending you a print out of my schedule with the tape so no worries. and Girls I miss ya more than you can imagine!!! Colton and Jamie and all my little rug rat nieces and nephews I think about you all the time! and look at all the pictures I have everyday :)

Mahalkita ( i love you)
Always, Sis Grant