Monday, January 25, 2010

Mice, and Medical Moments...

Well I'm so happy you are all fully enjoying the pictures and videos of the last 8 or so months of my life :) Just wait till you hear all the stories that go along with them! So this week was great we got a lot accomplished considering all the many distractions and "happenings" that occurred. The first one...we were successful in a massive mouse extermination! We killed two with the traps, we trapped three in our bedroom that is concrete and impossible to escape and killed them.. (it was kind of gross but necessary) then this morning we found one in our pot swimming (we had filled it up with water last night because there was burned rice on the bottom) so if you count them all up we have rid our apt of 6 mice! I know... Quite the victory! I just hope we are done with them now! They were disgusting little guys whose unhallowed hands were definitely trying to stop the work from progressing. We also had one of our investigators (Theodore our amazing recent convert, his brother Chris) got stabbed 3 times after we left his house on Friday night it was sooo sad because their brother just got shot and killed in March of 09 and now not even a year later they were back in the ridiculous hospital here fighting for his life. We went and visited him and it was an experience I'll never forget. First Sis Ball and I were both overwhelmed the second we stepped into the Public Hospital, extremely over crowded, dirty and we saw things that we definitely weren't expecting to see. We finally found his bed in the sea of beds and tried to hold back tears as Theodore told us the story. Theodore and his Dad looked awful, my heart just broke. Then we look over and see his Libro ni Mormon on the table, then the tears came I was so overwhelmed with everything around me and watching Theodore tend to every single need of his brother who looked terrible with no nurse even in sight, he is such an amazing person I know without a doubt he will do incredible things in the Church. In the 6 months I have known him I have seen more Christlike Attributes in his everyday life then in any other person I've ever met. His brother asked me to say a prayer and with tears streaming down all our faces we prayed. I prayed for comfort and healing to come upon their wonderful family that has been through so much already and that we might all learn the lessons needed through this experience. I'm so grateful for people here, I can't even put into words the feelings I have for them. I have learned more from them in the 10months I have labored here teaching them everyday then I could have EVER taught them. They are so ready and willing to accept the gospel and anything the Lord puts in their paths. They are Humble, and Happy. They understand whats important in life and they cherish those things. I love them and this work so much. I love you all too so much! thank you so much for all the letters and emails ya'll are seriously great. I've truly never been so happy in my life! I'm so glad you are all doing so well and are staying healthy and fun :) LALU!
Love Always,
Sister Grant

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