Monday, January 11, 2010

Expect the Unexpected!

Drum roll please........

Apparently President Tobias is losin it because not only did I stay in my BELOVED Handumanan but I"M TRAINING!!! and she's AMERICAN! I had only been a senior companion One transfer and then he called me in to train! I was completely overwhelmed and still feel absolutely inadequate but I'll admit a surge of excitement shot through thinking of all the awesome things I was so excited to teach my new companion fresh from the MTC.

So Sis Fair transferred close to me again and she is Follow up training too, I was excited for her. Her new comp is American too and has only been here 6 weeks so we're pretty much in the same boat. So far its been great, its a little exhausting because I do 98% of the talking and everything else because of course she has no idea whats going on and the weight of teaching her the language, culture ect. is a daunting task but its going well so far. Her name is Sister Ball shes from Cayesville Utah. She's great and really excited to be here. She also went to Beauty school so hopefully we can get control of this madness I used to call my hair :)

I'm so thrilled to have stayed in Handumanan its truly where my heart is, I LOVE people and members here and they have been sooo helpful with my new companion.
Today is my Birthday the big 22 its so weird but it's been a great day. Ya'll know me and my birthday I somehow convinced most of the missionaries on Negros Island to meet at the only Pizza Hut in Bacolod city for a birthday lunch hahah it was AWESOME and I got a kung fu panda brownie :) Even the office elders came ha I love it and of course I had my dear sis fair and so the gang was complete.

With all the big changes that happened this week, I've realized once again how much the Lord puts his trust in us and helps us do the things he's asked us to do. I was terrified when they first told me I would train but everyday I feel the Lord guiding and comforting me. "Whom the Lord calls the Lord qualifies" never meant more to me. I'm so grateful for the support I know I have coming from home I know that I am for sure one of the luckiest girls on earth! Thank you all so much for the birthday greetings and for the love and support.

Love you all!
Always, Sister Grant

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