Monday, February 1, 2010

Penoy Cruises

Definitely jealous of the cruise! So many people here work on ships and things like that. Definitely one of my plans for later days! Just so you know I GOT MY PACKAGE and it was the best thing EVAH! Those garments are seriously like 5 Christmas presents all rolled into 1. Not to mention the twix oh man it was wonderful thank you soo much mom LALU!

So sounds like you all had a busy week and ended it with a bang at Monster Trucks and Blessing Tillman, I hope he starts feeling better.
I love you all so much and excited for all your trunky plans haha :)

This week was a good one we had Zone Conference in La Carlota on Wed and it was great. The AP's did a great job as usual on their training and the lunch they fed us was good haha all around good day. Then on Friday we had a CSP at the High School in Handumanan I actually mixed and poured cement with a few of the other elders, I actually felt like I was home helping colton or dad do all their random "projects" again. You should have seen all the Filipino mens faces watching me mix and lay cement it was so funny they just kept asking me if I was ok and if I was feeling tired lol I just looked at them like, please I'm not gonna break a nail here...hah

So this weekend we will have 2 baptisms, On Saturday Pamela, will be baptized the woman who had a stroke I'm so excited! Then on Sunday morning before church Nephi will be baptized the little boy who's family are all members but they have like 10 children so his mom just "forgot" to get him baptized haha ridiculous but I love them they are such an awesome family.
We are also moving on Wednesday to a new house. We will live on the top floor (separate apartment) of the old Bishop in ward 1. They just finished rebuilding it so it should be nice because it's all new and re-done and its always nice to live close to we'll live on top of them! Its a major downsize in space and convenience BUT we're hoping for a definite INCREASE in food intake ;)

Other than that everythings been going great, amo man gihapon :) The work is still going really well and we have a lot of way fun and big projects and activities coming up in our wards to help with Re-activation so I'm excited about that..stay tuned! Later today we have a Tri-Zone Activity and I'm stoked because basically everyone I know and adore in the mission will be there! so I'll update on those festivities next time. Love you all and miss ya tons!

Always Sister Grant

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