Monday, January 18, 2010

Well another week has passed in my beloved Handumanan and not much happened this week surprisingly. It rained a lot and there was supposedly a big storm a brewin :) but it never hit to bad. My umbrella broke that Sis De Leon gave ,me so that was pretty sad but other than that there were no causalities in the storm. We had an interesting sacrament meeting when the Bishop tried to ordain a 9yr old boy for the priesthood and I had to "walk briskly" up to the front to whisper in his ear that they kind of have to be 12 to receive the priesthood haha but turns out he had just mixed up the names and was supposed to give it to his older brother who is both worthy and of age ;) haha Gotta love it.

I'm really sorry to hear about Uncle Larry the AP actually just texted me to come to the office and then asked if I'd seen Sterling I'm pretty sure that's what its about. Hopefully I'll get to see him after this and talk to him at the office. We talked about his G-pa a few weeks ago and he said he was pretty certain he didn't have much longer but I know it'll still be hard on him. I'm grateful I'm at least close to him and can hopefully offer some comfort or anything he might need. The family is in my prayers, Always.

I'm so excited and relieved to hear ya'll finally got my pictures and cds! I was positive they were lost at sea. I seriously just can not wait to bring you all back here and show you everything and have you meet everyone I know you will love it just as much as I do! Having a "bata" (trainee) is a blast! I get to show her everything I love and teach her everything I wish someone would have taught me! Sometimes its really hard because she has a lot of questions especially about the language that I don't always have an answer for but so far its been going really well. We get along great!

I'm glad everything is still goin forward with your work dad and that your "procedure" was a success mom haha it was so weird when you said Bailey was driving you to the hospital I still can't picture them driving its just so weird!

Congrats Duna! and happy bday ashton and brin :)

I love you all so much and pray for you everyday. I'll admit having an American companion especially fresh from home makes it a little difficult to not think about home a few times but its great I'm excited youre all doing so well. No worries about me I'm still lovin every minute of it and cant believe seriously how fast its going it really does scare me a little bit but what can ya do?!

LALU, miss you
Always, Sister Grant

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