Monday, March 2, 2009

Hospitals, Humans and the Panginoon ( Lord )‏

I get my flight plans THIS WEEK!!! I can not believe it, my time here could not
have flown by faster its ridiculous. So many things happen everyday, I wish I
was a better journal writer because I know that I haven't been writing my
experiences down as good as I should but its SO HARD to put stuff like this into
words! I'M A TALKER! haha anyways this last week went really good we taught the
1st lesson again in Tagalog at the T.A and it was like 20 times better than the
first time. we had a really sweet experience with the man we were teaching and I
think we were really able to help him with some things he was dealing with. I
love when we go there and the whole "scenario" just goes out the
window and it becomes "real". I am positive that there is no
practicing in the MTC you are ALWAYS teaching and more than not when volunteers
come to the TA to be taught they bring their real life problems and concerns to
the table because they have been here they know the spirit is here and will work
thru us. what a great place to come for answers and guidance. what better place
other than the temple?! I have seen this happen each week and it pumps me up
every time because I know we are really helping people and its so comforting
feeling over and over the Lord working through us to reach out to his children.

So the reality of going to the Pines is really startin to set in and I'm not
really sure what to do with all my emotions ha I am soooo excited to finally
just get out there and meet the people and become part of the culture Ive been
learning so much about and start to teach and change peoples lives thru the
Restored Gospel ITS INCREDIBLE. but then there's the other side where all I want
to do is cry because of the people that I have been privileged to meet and the
way that they have influenced and completely changed my life forever will soon be
out of my life. I know that there are certain people that I have met here that
have established true eternal friendships with and I'm excited because they
are the ones going to Bacolod!! but even still It will be so hard leaving this
place and saying goodbye to these people and especially my teachers Oh MAN! How
I dread that day. those 2 men have affected me so much. they have taught me things
that truly changed my life.

ANYWAYS, Its finally started to warm up here it
hasn't snowed in almost a week and I could not be happier! Its beautiful outside
and we get to study out on the benches which I love! My health is going really
well. The Lord has really been helping me and blessing me. I stopped taking the
drugs the doc gave me on Tue and I haven't had any real problems its such a
miracle. They still aren't really sure whats wrong and I don't really
care to be quite honest because I know the Lord is watching over me and
protecting me. Nothings going to stop me from going to the Philippines and I
couldn't be more excited.

I taught all the sisters in my zone yesterday along
with my Branch President and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong and I
really got to express a lot of the things I wanted to, to my sisters. Theres so
much I want them to understand and know and The Holy Ghost was definitely leading
me in what to say and how to really touch there hearts it was definitely an
experience I will never forget! My Pres couldn't even speak when he got up I have
never felt the spirit work thru me so much and I know the sisters in my zone are
going to do Incredible things. I feel honored to be with them. Seriously the
missionaries here are unreal, The Pines doesn't even know whats coming!! there
are 22,000 boys in the pines that will be mission age in the next 3 years! and
guess where they are all going.... CHINA!!!! I could not be more excited to help
bring the gospel to the amazing people of the Philippines. The Lord has so much
in store for them. Asians teaching Asians!! HOW COOL! Ok well my time is running
out so keep the letters coming I hope all is well with all of you and everyone
is healthy and well! I love you all so much and think about you all the time!
Thanks for the love and support! K BYEEEE!!!!!


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