Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tears on my Palda (skirt)

Well Ive officially almost completed my MTC stay and I couldn't be more sad I LOVE it here I cant believe that there are some people that hate the MTC! In Gym they have this record board and everyone that goes to gym at that time can try to set and break records there's probably about 60 people in the gym during our time and on Sat I definitely set the record for most Free throws for the sisters! HA I think its funny anyways, So the last 2 districts that were here when I got here are leaving today and its AWFUL! 2 of my sisters are headin out and some amazing Elders I will miss them so much. Now my district and the other one that came in with me are the oldest ones here which is so weird KAKAIBA!!

Man this week was such a good one I just Love everyone here it makes it so much easier to endure all the hard parts when your surrounded by such great people. I couldn't love my companion more if I tried! She is such an amazing person and she teaches me so much every single day! And OH how we laugh! I just Love everything about this entire experience I have learned more about the Gospel, about people, and about myself in the Last 6 weeks than ever in my life and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

Elder Ballard spoke to us on Tuesday night and it was AWESOME!!! I was singing in the choir of course and the spirit was incredible when he walked into the room and all 2000 missionaries stood while he entered. WHEW EEE! We sang we are all enlisted as we continued to stand in front of an Apostle of the Lord it was something I will never forget.

Thursday Night we taught in the TA center the first Lesson SA TAGALOG!! completely no English! it was terrifying ahaha but so cool because we totally did it and the spirit was able to be there so we must have done something right :) Yesterday sister Fairweather and I taught the lesson in the district meeting It went really well The spirit was leading us through the entire thing and you could feel it! It was definitely an experience that I will carry through my mission also the one I had on Sat night with my companion and Bro Leslie I know that I will be able to reflect on both experiences on my mission and remember the Lord is helping me and If we prepare and go with a pure intent to bring others unto Christ and not to carry out our own agenda miracles can occur and the spirit WILL use us as tools in the Lords Hands and its an incredible feeling I hope I have many more opportunities like that.

I hope that you all are doing great and I'm glad you got my tape and letters. I cant wait to get them back! I love you all so much and I pray for you everyday. Thank you so much for the support and the prayers I am truly feeling the blessings from them. :)

Mahal kita

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