Monday, March 16, 2009

Pumped for the PINES!!!!

Well Family and Friends the time has come!! I couldn't be more excited to go tomorrow! My last week here in the MTC was everything I hoped it would be. First off for your peace of mind mom...My dresses are hemmed I bought 1 more so that's all I'm taking with me is 6 VERY lovely Jodys, I got my shot on Tuesday morning last week, I still have plenty of muscle relaxers and acute for the plane and the bamboo cots :) and Yes I got the package of custom packs thank you. I'm also being very diligent in taking them so no worries. Alright now for the good stuff! So since I got to the MTC ALL I wanted was to hear my name over the intercom haha I know its silly but whatever, since I've been here they have called it 3 times! for different things but I have never ONCE heard it!! and it became this huge joke with everyone in my zone I walk in and they'd be like SIS GRANT DID YOU HEAR IT?! and I I'd be like NOOOO! it was getting pretty annoying ha then yesterday after sacrament Sis F and I were packing in our room and all the sudden " Sis. Grant are you there" over the intercom in a mans voice in our room! hahah We died and I was like YESSS and he said can you come to B122 please so I said...should I be nervous? and the guy laughed and said No. so I said I'd be there in a sec.

We head to the main building looking for B122 and when we find it...Its President Cleggs OFFICE! The 1st couns. in the MTC presidency..we were like ok... so Pres Breinholt and Pres Clegg are sitting there and they say to each other should we split them up or do it together... I WAS FREAKING OUT!! We both go into Pres Cleggs office and we sit down and he says Sisters...I am soo disappointed in you. I DIED. we just sat there in silence racking our brains trying to figure out what in the world was going on! and all the sudden he just starts Cracking up!!!He said I"M JOKING! SOOO NOT FUNNY!!! Elder Hamula and his wife spoke on Tues at the Fireside and they had left a package for me because Sis Hamula knew I was here they are from Alta Mesa Stake if you remember. It was so nice of her and we got to sit and talk with Pres Clegg for like 30 min it was so wonderful and hilarious! Jenny the Hamulas daughter had actually talked to him and told him to give it to me so at first after we stopped laughing he just said..ok sis grant...its jenny...Instantly I think Jenny Brown and somethings gone horribly wrong and I died then too! I was like Brown?! whats wrong what happened?! and he surprised at my reaction says she sent you cookies..I..Confused said why? she lives two doors down for me...then he was confused and we finally figured out it was Jenny Hamula and then we laughed again hahah it was great I don't think its everyday you get to spend 30 min laughing with all 3 members of the MTC Presidency but hey its the wonderful life of Brooklyn continuing into the life of Sis grant!

I'm all set and ready to go I have a little more packing to do today and then I'm done. I sent a package home of stuff I don't need so look for that. My favorite teacher and just all around incredible man Bro Leslie has a blog for all his districts thought you'd love that Denee and he wants you to forward him my emails. Also Bro Stott, he was 1st couns in my Branch Pres and I absolutely LOVE him Mom I want you to email him and talk to him, he's so great. I called him Grandpa! Keep him updated on me and He can tell ya more about what happened on my last Sunday with him yesterday it was quite emotional and he called me the Mission Mom during sacrament when I was standing up getting released form Coord. Sister. He started crying from the pulpit and it was all down hill from there. Oh how I love that man! I think that should be it I'm runnin out of time and got eleventy billion things to do still so I love you all and I can't wait to email you next time from BACOLOD!!!!!! I hope all is well at home and I can't even tell you how much I miss and love you all! Keep praying and don't forget, LAUGH OFTEN!! It's called the Plan of Happiness for a reason:)

P.S Please Believe Sis F and I have 2 matching Jody dresses! oh yeah that's gonna be sweet.

Love always!

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  1. Randy and Frances,
    When you read this just know how much I love Brooklyn. Wow, she is just such an amazing girl. She is going to be THE BEST sister missionary ever (her and Denee, I love her too!) My boys never had a lot to say about sister missionaries, just that they wish they were all like Brooklyn!