Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friendships, Flightplans, and Filipino Food

Well here we are my last week in the MTC!! Didn't see that comin so fast geez! Its been a usual week here, a roller coaster of emotions, and a whole buncha learning! I love it here so much and I'm gonna be soooo sad to leave. We got our flight plans on Thurs and by the time I get to Bacolod I'll have pretty much been to all the orient! I've already made my mark on Korea and then I fly in to Tiepe Taiwan, then down to Manila and then hop on a tuna can plane where I'll most likely be sitting on a bag of rice holding a small goat in my arms to get down to Bacolod! Then on April 17 we all get to meet back together and Fly to Hong Kong to do something we our visas!! HA! I will be sooooo excited to see everyone again after we've all been in our missions for a month!

We've been doing a whole bunch of culture stuff this week and it was so fun we learned so much about the food and transportation and just way of life I can not wait to go! I'm terrified don't get me wrong...there's kind of the whole I don't speak your language thing and I'm sweating to death thing and Oh wait I'm alone in the Jungle thing!! but I'm pumped none the less!! Sat night our class with Bro Leslie was incredible as always and then Sundays are always amazing here in the MTC and then of course the Temple this morning and then a group of us listened to a talk by Cleon Skousen about the True meaning of the Atonement...WOW please find that talk its incredible he gave it in a mission in Texas Christmas 1980 I don't know how you'll find it but DO! It changed everything about how I think of my Savior and the atonement, Its definitely an inspired talk.

I don't have much time to write but I'll be able to write again Next Monday. I leave on Tues at 5:30pm I hope all is well with everyone at home. Dad I'm glad your home safe from China I'll be goin there soon ;) and Colton I LOVED the letters from your family thank you so much they made my WEEK! Mom Im so glad you were able to get the whole "timeline" thing worked out and CHELS!!! Oh my goodness I'm sooooo EXCITED FOR YOU!! congrats ;) Well I love you all so much, Have a fantastic week!

Love always,

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