Monday, March 16, 2009

Moses Mishap

Ok real quick funny story we were teaching the 2nd lesson in Tagalog this week to the Boss of All Tagalog teachers and the main guy for the Tagalog zone haha and sis F got to the end and we were extending him a commitment and we were going to ask if we could also come back tom and visit him and so I said the commitment and sis F went to ask about visiting him tom and instead of saying pagtuloy which means continue she said pagtuli which means circumcise hahahahaha I thought I was going to die!!! His face was hilarious! and After he went and told all the teachers hahaha Oh MAN IT WAS FUNNY "can we come back and circumcise you tomorrow?" LOLOLOLOLOL!! I'll be calling from the airport tom anytime from 6 to 9 Utah time so be ready!!


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