Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I caught the first mouse in our apt. on Friday!!‏

I made it a full week! How bout that huh? I just love it here, its pretty dadgum hot but beautiful! Everything went really well this week, It's been pretty difficult to work and the month of April will increasingly get harder because the Filipino people love to throw fiestas! There has been a parade or fiesta in our little town everyday this week! Everyone is graduating from school so they have all these parties and celebrations it makes it hard to teach because everyone is really busy all the time preparing and practicing. They also just started the big basketball tourneys here so every where we go there are big games going on and EVERYONE goes to watch B-Ball. It's huge here. I love it but its hard, all I want to do is play haha. Also, this week is Holy Week...very interesting. We have to go back to our apartment for two hours in the afternoon everyday this week according to Pres because they parade up and down the streets, We also have to be back in by 8 that gives us like NO TIME but Its ok I know the Lord will bless us for our obedience.

Ok so this is going to be hard to summarize but just go with me. Ok 3 Siblings the Oldest sister wealthy, member, very bossy but nice, Brother, sweet as can be , had a stroke 2 years ago now he cant speak, Sister husband died 2 years ago very shy and reserved member but inactive basically controlled by the older sister, has a 17 year old daughter that comes out with us like everyday. The oldest sister and her husband Never come to church because they are always out of town on business and have been like once in the last 2 months. The wife of the Brother, Sis Natinga is Awesome I love her! She is very devoted to her "Life of Ministries" Religion and is the epitome of a southern baptist in the Philippines mom ha We've been teaching her and she really wanted to go to church but she cant make the walk and the older sister and her don't get along at all , haven't for a long time, younger sister to shy to do anything and can't make it to church herself because she doesn't have money for fare. On sat we were teaching her and we got the shy sister to come with us, I felt prompted to tell her that we were going to walk to church tomo. She looked at me like I was crazy and so did my comp! Its pretty far and We all knew that she couldn't make it and neither could the younger sister probably but I promised them that if we showed the Lord our faith and desire to go he would provide a way.

Next morning we round them all up and all 6 of us head off to church we had already walked pretty far, I was praying sooo hard, All the sudden Sis Natinga just says I can't do it, Sis Grant! Then out of nowhere The Oldest Sister Drives up in her car with her husband they had just got back in town and were headed home. We loaded them in the car and they all went to church together!!! Oh I was sooo grateful it was such a blessing and the lesson in SS was on forgiveness and Pride! ha tender mercy anyone? The older sister and Sis Natinga were both deeply touched I could tell and later that night we were all able to meet at Sis Natingas house and teach a lesson with everyone there it was wonderful. Well I hope you can follow all of that. I hope that all is going well, I loved your letters mom and Denee, Thanks! I'm still trying to get used to the food, but its good. Dad...Sure is Green!! :) and Alexa and Bailey I think about you all the time High school Musical is HUGE here haha Oh and the other day we were teaching and the house next door was BLARING Mama Mia oh it took everything in me not to stand up and start doing the dance Alexa hah I go ta little homesick the other day thinking about Conference coming up but I'm excited to here about it. That's still my favorite trip we take by far (besides heap reunion of course) Well I love you all so much! and I can't wait to hear from you again! Tell everyone I said Hi and keep me posted on everything going on. Denee send me updates on every ones blogs ;)

With all my Love,

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