Monday, February 16, 2009

Kumusta Kayo!

Kumusta Kayo! Well another week down and only 4 more to go!! can you believe
that?! banal baka ( holy cow hahahaha) I cannot believe I'll be in the
Philippines in 4 weeks I'm sooooo not ready. Well language wise, I'm super pumped
to go I'd leave right now if they'd let me but there's always that
suffocating panic of hey wait I don't speak your language!! ayos lang i know the
Lord is blessing me and will continue to do that. This week has been yet another
roller coaster....this whole coordinating sister thing is either going to save
me or kill me but my hopes in the first one ;) Since I got called there's
only been 2 nights I haven't spent up talking through the night with one of the
sisters that's struggling. One in particular was having a really difficult time
and wanted to go home. I was trying everything I could to comfort her and help
her so she would stay I told her to stick it out and wait to go to the temple
today and yesterday I just really felt I needed to talk to her so I pulled her
into a room after church and she told me she had made the decision to go home. I
talked to her for about 45 min and it was a very sweet and humbling experience
for me. She is a wonderful sister and I hope she feels comfort with her decision
and I still pray for her all the time after our talk I walked her down to Pres
Heatons office and she was getting in the car with her sister within 2 hours. It
broke my heart. I just cried after she left, I'm so glad that the Lord has
blessed me with the desire to serve and allowed me the opportunity to be here.
Even if I didn't have that strong assurance that I'm where I'm supposed to be
I cant imagine anywhere else I'd rather figure it out than on a mission.

I've grown more in the last 5 weeks here and learned more than I ever have
in my entire life. The Lord blesses his missionaries and their families and I
know he is doing this for me. I'm so grateful for the Temple. All of you know how
much I love going to the temple and all the things we can do there. That
testimony has grown so much since Ive been here. I have no idea how I'd get
through another week if I couldn't start my Monday morning off in the temple. Every
week I'm reminded of the blessings promised and the covenants I've made and
the sweet peaceful feeling is something I try to carry with me throughout my
entire week. I hope that all of you take advantage of the blessing we have to
have temples so close to us. The Language is still coming, we're over the
hump now so its Tagalog only from here on out! Its sooooo frustrating and
amazing all at the same time! We taught the first lesson Completely in Tagalog on
Thursday and we actually did really well! He said our grammar was 85% correct
and he was able to feel the spirit. This was good news to me cuz I was just
hopin he would understand a thing we were saying! haha Class is still powerful
and intense as usual I cant believe how much we learn everyday its so
incredible. Well I love you all so much and I hope you get my letters this week
I wrote alot. I finally sent that tape I've had for the last week ha sorry
mom and I also sent my schedule so no worries. I got the Blog prints Salamat!
and Yes Denee we got your leaves ;) Thank you so much for all your prayers I
know they are helping me and I can feel your love and support!

Sister Grant

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