Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is my room, and my bed is the bottom bunk. Sis. Fairweather sleeps on top, thats also my desk and my closet.

This is my classroom. My desk is in the corner by my black jacket hanging up.

Panoramic view :) Other side of classroom.

Sis. Fairweather and I studying.

Elder Valle from my zone is on the left and Elder Johnson from my district on the right in the cafeteria.

ICE ON THE BUSH!!! Ridiculous

These are some elders from my zone.

Sister Fairweather and I at the temple.

Before church on Sunday.

My cousin Landry and I at the Temple on Sunday.

Sister Fairweather at her finest!

Sis. Waters & Sis. Anderson came in with us. We met them in line. They are headed to New Mexico and leave on Tuesday. :(

The girls in my zone that came in with me. I LOVE THEM!!! There's 6 of us and ALL SO AWESOME. Not a dud in the bunch!

My district. Yes they are 19! It's apparent :) but they are amazing elders none the least & of course my adorable Kasama (comp)

Chapped lips

I LOVE my green shoes & our first time at gym my companion put on those bright blue babies on & I knew I picked her in heaven ha ha!!

My girls again.

Sis. Inoke (love her) She is my fijian bodyguard. She's hilarious & loves me.

Sis. Inoke again

Ok, now the tribal sacrifice of the pantie-hose! HA! This happened Sunday night. All day they were driving me crazy & then I got a run in them! So during the fireside I leaned over to Sis. Fairweather and told her we were gonna sacrifice them because they we're driving me so Insane & I HATE THEM!! So afterwards we did just that. Boy was it something. We stretched those heinous things clear across the room! Tied them around our head and pretty much peed our pants. Our roommates didn't really know what to do with that. LOL It was hilarious.

Sis. Price never really shows emotion & I got her rolling!!!.........

......and then it's Sis. Hardin.

I drew on my shirt to show my mission.

Our sweet MTC hoodies (hardcore)



On P-day (Monday) We go to the 8 am session at the temple. These pics are on P-day in the laundry room.

Elder Valle & Elder Harris

Adorable Sister Hettig (love her) on the left and the coordinating sister, Sis. Miasaki. She hates me I think, but that's a whole other story :)

My comp, Sister Paquette (French), and Me.

Elder Gustin. Interesting fella. 25 year old army man. Knows I'm funny & secretly loves me but always tries to act hardcore & disgusted with me. It's hilarious.

My Brown Island Boys!! They leave on Tuesday and I'm sooooo sad! Elder Kasala is my #1 fav. he's on the far right. Then it goes, E. Awafuvi, E. Kongiaka, and E. Kasala

The Homies again. I love the Tongans and Samoans, they make me laugh so hard. I'll be so sad when they leave next week.

We're spelling out L-O-V-E

The epitome of our cracking up & Gustin looking at me in disgust, trying his hardest not to laugh.


Wednesday morning service projects haha "The Bathroom Brigade!"
Our zone girls.

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