Monday, February 2, 2009


I know I know thats not even the language I'm speaking but its ok. so what do you get when you hear a china man and a Samoan trying to have a conversation??.....TAGALOG! This is certainly the craziest language ever ha its so fun and extremely hard to learn but things are going well so far. How is everything at home? I'm sorry I cant respond to everyones letters faster its pretty tough to find time to write. This past week and a half all the sisters in my zone were sick it was awful I of course was the only one who wasn't but they made my room the sick bay while I was in class so I got back and there were 4 sick girls sleeping in the empty beds in our room!! GROSS!! I went straight to the bookstore and got Clorox wipes and gave EVERYTHING in that room a wipe down haha everyone got better and of course then when the virus has mutated to something awful good ole Sis Grant decides to get it. I've only had it for the past few days but its all good, its mostly just a head cold I didn't get the nasty stomach stuff like the rest of them and I haven't missed any class. I wouldn't dare! we learn way to much in a day it would be like missing a week!

Ok so two of the older districts leave tomorrow and I'm SOOOO sad! I've only known them all 3 weeks and it feels like my whole life! I'm gonna miss them so much. I sent my memory card home so hopefully you got it or will get it soon the pictures of the girls in my zone there's 6 of us are all still staying here but all the amazing elders are leaving :( BUT...... We have 33 new missionaries coming in on Wed and guess who got called to be the Coordinating Sister ( = to a zone leader but for the sisters) HA yup yours truly :) I'm actually really excited Pres. Clarke called me in yesterday morning and extended the call. I get to do all the tours for the new missionaries and basically be the zone s big sister/mom I'm thrilled because I already LOVE!!! the girls in my zone and out of the 33 new ones there's 8 sisters! 3 of them are internationals so they'll be here on Tuesday night one from Fiji two from Tonga I'm not sure where the rest are from and they'll get here on wed. There's a lot more meetings then normal now with this calling but that's a whole other story I'm recording a tape and Ill probably send it off tomorrow and Ill tell you that story on there haha like you mom I'm a talker not a writer so its so much better on the tape.

Everything is going really well here I got home sick the other night but I just walked out of my room b-lined it for the vending machine got a choco taco and felt better in no time! ;) I miss you all so much its silly and I think about you all the time, Dad I did get your email just so you know so keep em coming! Oh I totally saw Sister Allen in the temple this morning! it was so random and she was so confused cuz she said I looked just like Denee HA she was like why are you here?! and I told her I was on a mission and she was freakin out! It was great seeing her, I love seeing people I know Ill be so sad cuz the 2 districts are leaving Landrys leaving, Andrew lee is leaving and even Morgan nelson is headed out! I cant even imagine only being here for 3 weeks! I feel like I just got here! I cant even believe its been 3 weeks already. Hey Denee could you send me print outs of the blogs you've done for my blog so far? I'd love to see what everyone else has been looking at. Mom I'm sending you a print out of my schedule with the tape so no worries. and Girls I miss ya more than you can imagine!!! Colton and Jamie and all my little rug rat nieces and nephews I think about you all the time! and look at all the pictures I have everyday :)

Mahalkita ( i love you)
Always, Sis Grant

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