Monday, January 26, 2009

Week Two

Well I hate that I always feel so rushed to email because my computer time is limited but Ill write more details in a letter :) This week went by so crazy fast! We did so much. We started teaching the first lesson in the T.A center to volunteers from BYU it went really really well. Sis Fairweather and I teach so well together on Thursday night the spirit in the room was incredible we got our volunteer in tears! He was freakin out when we told him we'd only been here a week! Probably because it was in English ha because it definitely wouldn't have gone that well had it been in Tagalog! But the language is coming along quite nicely actually, we already pray and bear our testimonies without any English and our grammar and vocab increase dramatically everyday.

I never thought Id spend so many hours in a classroom and actually enjoy it. There are those days though actually not days just a few hours I thought I was going to throw my book at Bro Leslie on Sat night I've never been so frustrated in my life it gets so hard because unless its doctrinal study our teachers will only speak Tagalog to us!! UGH! I was just standing in front of the class trying to set up an appointment and testify to him in tears haha but then he sat me down and talked to us in English and reminded us of the power that's available to us and I was good. I'm sending home my memory card and Ill send a letter with it to explain the pictures hah there's some classic ones I'm excited for you to see.

I joined the MTC choir the 2nd day I was here so sis fairweather and i got to sing at the Tuesday night devotional Elder Dickson from the 70 came and spoke it was awesome ok my comp is being weird and wont let me capitalize or punctuate so sorry I'm really not a retard pres Monsons daughter who is in the general yw spoke to the relief society yesterday and then Stephen B. Allen the missionary dept director spoke at the fireside and boy was that amazing i thought the spirit was going explode out of my body we sang we'll bring the world his truth all verses....look it up you'll see why it was so strong. then we stayed in the gym and watched the Joseph Smith movie and ended our Sunday night on such a good note. well ill write a small letter with the memory card and let yall know any thing i forgot hope all is well thanks for all the letters everyone its the best part of my day i love it i miss you all so much more than you even know

sister grant

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