Monday, May 3, 2010

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Hello Family!!

I hope all is going great as usual! This week was a good one, we got a lot of work done in Tagnipis I'm still truckin along with my goal to start a Branch there and everything is going really well we should have our first Sacrament Mtg there in two weeks on the 16th.I'm so excited! We split whenever I work out there because my companion can't make the hike she has asthma and its about a 2 and half to 3 mile walk and boy is it HOT here! so she stays with a ward missionary and continues the work in Old Sagay and I head out to the middle of nowhere with 2 of our ward missionaries haha I love it though its so beautiful there and it feels like the people are seriously just sitting around waiting for us to walk up and talk to them!

On Friday I was trying to find the house of a Less active member and asked a woman sitting outside her house with her two children. I asked her where the lady's house was and she told me, and then I started to talk a little bit with her...come to find FUNNILY ENOUGH she has always been "curious" about the mormons haha and we ended up teaching a lesson to her, her husband and her count em 11 CHILDREN! haha The lesson was so powerful and they had so many ?s and were so receptive. Talk about your modern day miracles mom :)

So moving right along there. We have another baptism on sat :) We have re-activated one of the very first families we visited here in Old Sagay they've been to church every week since we've been here now and there daughter whose name is Angel Joy :) will be baptized on Saturday and they've already had their interview with bishop to set a goal date to go to the temple! So as you can tell I'm as happy as a clam haha and the work is still just on fire!

Earlier today we had our zone activity at the beach in my area, it was a BLAST we played games and BBQ I was teasing the elders as we looked out at the ocean singing "6 WEEKS NA LANG" which means I only have 6wks left haha and then I'd be back at the beach in Mexico only I'll be in the that water quicker than you can imagine! ;)

Well I love you all so much, nothing has changed with my house situation I bought more nails the other day and fixed my bed bc the leg snapped during the night dropping my bed instantly to the ground giving me a heart attack at about 1am haha I texted the APs and they just said they were so happy I'm such a "girl scout" so they don't have to make the trek out here to fix everything I told them well durn if I knew thats whats taking ya'll so long I'll stop buying nails! haha no worries.

Anyways love you all and miss ya tons can't wait to call next week and talk to ya'll have a great week keep smiling and keep going to the temple I love it!

Sister Grant

Happy Bday
Colton and Becky late I know sorry ahaha

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