Monday, May 17, 2010

Cloud 9...‏

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been so crazy! and I'm sorry its been a couple weeks since I have updated you guys but things have been great as usual. My area is still progressing so well, I had to have a special interview with my stake president, Bishop and Mission President about my plans and future progression of Tagnipis and the possibility of opening a branch there. I was so nervous and had to present a whole plan and stuff, but I got the approval from all 3 and now there is nothing stoppin us! haha we've gotten the attendance out there from 9 to 17 and hopefully we'll get over 20 next week.

In our home ward here in Old Sagay, our attendance is going up as well its been so great our re-activation efforts are solid and working really well. We have 3 whole families completely back in the church with callings and schedules and plans to be sealed in Cebu. We also are working really closely with 4 new families and each has a part member with a baptismal date! 2 for may 29 and the rest in June right before I go home! I can't wait, my first week here the attendance was 76 and yesterday we had 115! We have been working so hard with the leaders to get everything in the ward running smoothly.

Yesterday the Stake Pres came to our Sacrament Mtg and he said later in our ward council (sad to say) he finally felt the spirit in sacrament mtg in old sagay. I looked over at Bishop and he just winked at me haha I just LOVE our Bishop he really is just trying soo hard to help his members and his ward.I played my violin yesterday in sac mtg as well ( one of my fav hymns #26) it was soo ridiculous because I'm also the ward pianist a joke in itself haha but anyways so there was no one to accompany me on the violin so I recorded MYSELF playing on the keyboard and then during sac mtg my comp just sat there and pushed play lol! So I definitely accompanied myself on the violin :) hey you do what ya gotta do right? love it.

So we had transfers last Friday and I picked up my new greenie :) Yup President is having me train again and I was so excited! Its such a blast teaching a brand new missionary everything you love about the work and of course everything I love about the PINES! She is great. Her name is Sis Ziebarth which is hilarious when the Filipinos try to say it at first haha anyways shes 21 and from San Diego CA she graduated from Law enforcement and worked at a police station for 2 and 1/2 years and wants to be in the CIA or FBI when she gets home! Crazy huh, but she is way fun and has a way laid back personality so its nice and I think we will have a really smooth and fun transfer I'm excited. She's already had some funny experiences with the food situation and meeting the giant lizard that lives in our kitchen. Bless her heart. I love training.

So I'm running out of time but I wanted to tell ya'll real quick about one of our investigators that will be baptized in June. His name is Ray and he is incredible he just moved here to help his grandma who lives alone and is also our R.S President. He is 17 years old and wants to be a member sooo bad! Yesterday he was the first one at church he was earlier than the Bishop! and wearing a white shirt and black pants, then when we visited him after church he told me how he has started his Duty to God award and has a goal to finish it before he turns 18! haha are ya kidding me?! We just barely finished the 2nd lesson and he's already workin on his duty to God! He will be such an amazing elder one day :) I also had one of the daughters of the families we reactivated tell me she was going to name her daughter (june2 is her due date) after me haha so theres that :) I LOVE THE PINES!

Well thats all the time I have so I hope you all have a wonderful week and I love you all!
Always, Sister Grant

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