Monday, April 19, 2010

Carabaw Encounters...

Sorry I have like 0 time this week to write so I haven't read any of your letters yet so if I don't answer any ?s forgive me and I'll make a note to answer them next week I promise!
So this week has been crazy! I LOVE my new area it is so fun and the work is just on FIRE. I'm even talking to President right now and the stake leadership in my area about a proposal I gave to open a whole new Branch in one part of my area! I proposed the idea to my Mission President and he said I have to talk to the leaders in my area and so things are still in the works but if I can raise the attendance, secure Priesthood leadership and prove their willingness to pay tithing the wonderful people of "Tagnipis" could have their very own branch in their area instead of WALKING ( no transportation) about a mile and a half to go to church! Not to mention the opportunity that gives them not just to attend church but to have callings and serve in their own branch. Oh it gives me chills just thinking about it! haha Obviously all those things are a lot easier said then done but the Lord is helping us sooo much in this area I am positive I'll at least get to see the beginning stages of it all.

We have the Baptism of Lored Gustillo on Saturday and I'm so excited we've been working so hard to gain the trust back from the members and a brand new baptism our 3rd week here is a great way to start! haha I love it. We also have found 3 new families to teach that have part members and the members in their families are strong so things are going great! My companion and I get along great and we are just having a blast learning the area and just working our hearts out to find and establish the work again in Old Sagay its exhausting but so fun and the results are better than anything else!

So a quick funny story for ya, the other day we were walking on this tiny dirt road on both sides of us was sugar cane about 6ft high the path was narrow and there was 4 of us. Sis Cruz and I our ward missionary sister Jennifer 30yr old RM and Nanay Mahilum the most hard working old lady in Old Sagay she's almost 60 yrs old but works with us every day. Anyways, as we were walking the path opened up on one side where they had started to harvest the sugar cane then all the sudden we hear a man yelling and then up ahead on the narrow path where the sugar can started again this huge carabaw turns the corner charging full speed ahead just a gruntin! We all 4 screamed and of course the 3 of them ran to one side of the road and I ran to the other haha and of course I happened to be wearing my Hot Pink Jody dress the angry beast follows me!! SO there I am screaming my crazy fool head off trying to escape the beast and the Filipino man is yelling running behind trying to grab the rope dragging on the ground haha I finally just darted into the sugar cane and the carabaw stopped at the edge panting and grunting staring at me in the rows haha I was laughing so hard but my heart was about to beat out of my chest!
The man finally grabbed the rope and calmed the beast down and called out when they were far enough away the carabaw wouldn't see me and I made my victorious exit from the sugar cane where the Sis Cruz and the other women were waiting laughing their heads off hah I thought I was gonna pee my pants I was laughing so hard.

Anyways! so theres something for ya'll to laugh at this week I hope all is well and everyone is doing great as usual. I finally got your package THANK YOU SO MUCH! I loved everything inside. and Dad your labels look AWESOME I love the blue flower great job Bai. your right it looks real sharp with the product name. Also your pics from Hawaii are soo cute! your girls are soo big! its so weird you look so different to me yet your still my girls. Beautiful as ever. Congrats Denee' I'm so excited its another girl! haha poor Chris but we all know it made Dad and Colton the men they are today because they grew up around us women haha. I love you all soo much and can't wait to call on Mothers day!
stay happy and smiling!

Always, Sister grant