Monday, May 31, 2010

Sacrifice brings forth......

Still alive and kickin!! yes I made it through another fun Doctor visit in Bacolod :) Humiliated myself in front of about 25 people in the waiting room at the hospital and spent some good quality time with the office elders for a week. But now I'm Back and better than ever!
Heavenly Father definitely heard my prayers to get well fast enough to make it back to my area before sat morning so I could still witness the baptism of Marvien and Margie LacaoLacao. I literally got dropped back off at my house an hour before the baptism started! I was sooo happy and their whole family was there that we have been working so hard to reactivate and then they all were at church together yesterday for the confirmations it was AWESOME! I love it! and even with the measles like rashes still covering my body sat at the organ in front with a smile from ear to ear haha. So that's really all about my area right now I haven't been here for a week so I don't really have much to say this week sorry, but this week we have our Stake Conference and I'm pretty excited about that. I may or may not be playing my violin I'm not sure, they asked me like 2 weeks ago to accompany the choir but then I never heard from them again so we'll see ahah

How was the twins bday? considering ya'll are in Mexico I'm guessing as usual ya'll are enjoying yourselves quite nicely! haha I laughed when I heard they were probably going to release Tillman even though they weren't exactly sure yet what he even had...if that's not the story of my mission life I don't know what is! I feel for ya Tillman, your "Aunt" Sister Grant loves ya :) So we got our tickets this week for the Cebu Temple Dedication on the 13th of June I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! I was so jealous ya'll got to go to the Gila Valley so now I just have to play catch up and watch the Cebu one ;) Ya'll got nothin on me! haha
I'm sorry this email is so lame I really have been confined for the last week in Bacolod so there's really not much I have to say haha sorry. But I love you all and can't wait to write again next week and I promise I'll have more to say!

LaLu, Always
Sister Grant