Monday, August 3, 2009

Mango smoothies.......Heavenly!!

First I just want to say I just had the most delicious smoothie with fresh pineapple, mango and that's what I'm talkin about! Well this week was a good one, it was rough in the beginning because we had a huge storm and I thought man Sterling just got here and his first few days is nothin but a flood! but the Lord of course blessed us and the work continued forth rain or shine. We needed some serious new investigators and all week I was prayin hard we would find some. On Saturday I was fasting and praying double time, and in the afternoon I had the feeling we should find the house of a man we had talked to on the street on Tuesday So I had a feeling we should go find him so we started looking for his house where he said he lived and no one knew him which is rare everyone knows everyone here so I just started asking people and I asked this family that had a chungee ( a little store) in the front of their house and they didn't know either but then I just kept talking to them and they invited us in! Turns out they were former investigators and they are a family of 17!! and 4 of the older brothers wives just had babies only months are ya kidding me?! GOLDMINE! I was absolutely thrilled of course and we taught them and made a return apt for next week. I don't know where that man is that we talked to before but I know the Lord led us right to where he wanted us to be and I am so grateful, I'll keep ya'll updated on that. well I have to go before the electricity goes out again hah I love you all sooo much and hope all is well. I'm doing great and pray for you all daily :)

Love Always,

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