Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally her Memory Card came in the mail!!

Cami Hofiens, Me, and Jenny. I met Cami at BYU Hawaii and now we're all on missions

Old MTC pictures but had to finally post one of the famous "map pointing pics"!

Jenny :)

The precious homemade jumper I found in the "giveaway" box.

Matching Jody dresses

R.I.P.- The sweet shoes from Uncle Bobby broke my last week in the MTC.

Weighing my suitcase for the Pines.

The 3 Musketeers! Man it'll be fun when we come home.

Jenny broke my free throw record in gym for the sisters.....too bad she's holding it upside down.

Airplane to Taiwan "Squid Mission".

Airport to Taipei.....yes, for your information i had mango ice cream

Taipei...we were starving

Sis. Baraquiel, Sis Manzon, (trainer) Me, first day.

Going to my first area, 10 people in that van.

Apartment, Pink study room...hahaha my desk

Our kitchen & Sis. Manzon

Our yard in our little hut apartment (Valladolid)

Bishop (yellow shirt) and some youth cleaning the church.

The church building

Some young men in the church

The Pines. My area valladolid

Basketball court right on the ocean.

My shower.......

...and my laundry area :)

A graduation party at a members house.

Sis. Advincula

Bay bay "ocean"

When I caught the mouse. (Talked about in a previous post)

When the mouse was scratching on the pot.

District community service project.

Elder Jacquez scared of the carabaw.

Dwindi's (dwarfs) in my yard, Bro. Chow used to call me dwindi, Ha

My bed and Sis. Manzons (Mine is the green one)

Zone conference, my zone bacolod south. Yes I'm the ONLY American sister. If your b-day is that month you get a crown.

Lunch, Sis. Manzon. (YUM!!) P-butter, bananas

Pres. D haha

Laundry haha

Joy the monkey

Lanka!! (one of my favorite fruits!) (Jackfruit)

Merilou and Romeo Matinga baptism

Mosquito Net!

My area again

Kids at our front gate.....ALWAYS!

My favorite little boy Jerich Alvarez. Bato,Papel,Gunting (Rock Paper Scissors) We play everytime!!

The Alvarez family

2nd Zone conference....STILL the only American in my zone.

Conference Service Project in Salay. Sis. Ruadil, Sis.Sanchez, Sis Manzon and Santillian

Sunny and Eleanor Ganancial (S. LG-LG Bro Jover)

Zone activity at Bago beach...SO FUN!!

Hilary Jover so adorable Diane and Joshuas baby.

District Conference Service Project in Pulapandan

Sis. Manzon, Sis. Rhea, Sis. Tulmo, 83 years old walks to church with her husband a mile each way.


Young Women activity making ice cream.

Anjo Lorenzo hiding from the storm in a bamboo house.

It didn't work.....haha

Sis. Manzon, Sis. Delsa, Me

Sis. Manzon, Sis Rhea, Me

Sis. Ganancials mother, Prissy as can be!

Agrida Family

Sis. Wilmie, Sis. Neihope, Sis. Manzon, Sis Rhea

Natinga baptism

Rhea and Me

EEL!! So grose....definitely cooked that AND ate that!


Mission President and his wife.

Mabukal Hike. There is 7 falls. Bats over my head zoom in on the tree 100's & 100's & like the size of Lola (My toyota carolla back home) GROSE!

Typhoons and rain

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