Monday, August 17, 2009

Mabuhay!!! (haha love it mom)

Mayong Hapon sa tanan! Kamusta kamu? ayos lang ako diri sa bata, ama mon gihapon. Nami gid ang obra namon kay dako gid bulig sa akon halin sang dios adlaw adlaw :) and boy do I need it! It was kind of a difficult week, we had some set backs with the Jaguiles family, and some problems with my companion but amat amat things are resolving themselves. Prayer's whats gettin me thru this transfer but I've learned soooo much. Its so true that once you've passed through the trials you can look back and see the specific things the Lord wanted you to learn. I had a wonderful experience/reminder this week teaching the Plan of Salvation to a family, sometimes I think we as missionaries or even members get so used to the fact that we already know the plan he has for us we've known it our whole lives and its just kinda there for us. I was reminded this week that when we teach these families the incredible plan their Heavenly Father has made specifically for THEM its the first time they've ever heard anything like that before. Can you imagine finding out the Lord knows exactly who you are not because of any other reason but that you lived with him before and he's given you a plan so you can get back to him! The feeling and the spirit that comes when we teach about the Plan of Salvation and the wonderful and priceless gift of the atonement that makes the plan possible is my favorite thing ever! Its an indescribable feeling when you see the joy on the families faces as they realize they can be together as a family forever. I love this work so much. Every time the Lord blesses me and allows me to have experiences like that I remember why its so important that we do missionary work and how grateful I am for the opportunity to do it 24/7! There's soooo many people out there that have NO IDEA, its so sad. But helping them come closer to Christ by helping them understand his plan for him is so worth the floods, the companions, the hospital trips haha whatever. "I'm doing a great work and can not come down" :) I love you all and hope all is well and you are all staying healthy and happy. Keep workin hard and prayin harder. AND I challenge all of you to find the missionaries in your ward on sunday and see if they have investigators with them and help fellowship! there is nothing more frustrating then working all week to get your investigators to church then having no one talk to them! Do Missionary work, ya'll find, we'll teach its golden I promise :)
Love Always,
Brooklynly forever.

Yup remember all your list you made, heres one for you :)
1.Loved the story about the tape of Chads FHE pinoy night thats so funny I dont remember that AT ALL. but that will be funny to watch when I get home.
2. I was hoping you hadn't sent the package yet of my pills cuz I need a few things if I can be spoiled and annoying for a bit and ask for some things....
-dryer sheets, haha to put in my pillow cases I just want to smell that again PLEEAAASSSEE.
-my down east basics undershirts I sent some home in the boxes or you can buy some more mine are so thin and worn out from washing them by hand almost every other day. (2 white, a black and a brown)
-some peppered beef jerky...dont ask haha

I think that should suffice thank you sooo much don't worry if you can't send it all right away.
Tell the girls to youtube "wonder girls- nobody but you" thats the IT song right now here I think I hear it like over 50 times a day! and all the little girls know the dance too haha.
I email landry and brock and greg since they are family haha we can. its funny cuz our emails are always real short but its fun talking with "my boys" they are such great examples and help to me even though they are younger! I love them so much and I'm so glad and excited there is so many of us out right now! we are takin over!

well LALU lots,

P.S my camera is broke and I can't fix it here I should still have a year warranty on it so I'm gonna send it home this week so ya'll can fix it and send it back with my memory card. The lens is the only thing broken it wont go out when you turn it on so I can't take pictures I was afraid that might happen. They say to but the cameras that don't have the lens that goes in and out cuz it breaks easier. but I didnt drop it suprisingly it never got wet haha so It should still be under warranty it hasnt been a year yet.

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  1. hi sister grant! haha :)

    it's sort of sad reading again about your short stay here at bata but also kinda exciting haha :)

    about the Plan of Salvation...i know sort of how you felt. (past tense kay sg una pa ni nga sulat hahaha). one thing i've always liked about missionaries is that they're a bunch of happy people (most of the time). after working with the missionaries one time, i sort of realized...maybe it's because missionaries teach the plan of happiness. ^^ oh i dunno if that's really one of the reasons, but it's helped me appreciate the Plan of Salvation much more. <3

    do take care back at home...excited for march next yr! haha :)

    sister yvonne (bata ward)