Monday, August 10, 2009

Whats a girl gotta do to get a normal week ova here?‏

Man! Another crazy week in the life of Sis Grant! It started out normal and nice. The work was going good. I emailed ya'll on Mon feelin fine and then BAM! on my death bed on Tues, what kind of swine gets the flu anyways?...haha yup I got it, the famous swine flu. We expected it did we not? Its me we're talkin about here. Of course I'd get the latest and greatest illness. I went to the hospital on wed night and it was so great they went to go take my blood and I hadn't ate in like 2 days and ya'll know how I feel about havin needles right there on my arm lol so of course I PASS OUT like usual I warned the little filipino nurse but I don't think she believed me so I fell with the needle in my arm it was so gross and I got a nasty bruise still on my arm luckily the Office elders caught me before I hit the ground haha so that was a fun experience I'm over it now (not sick anymore so no worries) and THEN!! I had to go back to the doctor on Sat because I had some weird viral thing that was giving me these big itchy red sores all over my body....are ya kidding me here? 21years and not a visit to the doctors not even a blood test and I turn in my papers and BAM 6 times now I've givin blood and the hospital visits are gettin a bit ridiculous. WHEW, Anyways! thats all over and done with and I'm healthy and heavily medicated ;)

Friday we traveled to the boonies and helped build houses and plant trees that got wrecked from the storms it was sooo fun it was our whole zone so sterling was there with me. It was a blast. I was glad I was feeling so much better so I could go. Then today we had our Zone Activity. It was Awesome we went to this HUGE stadium and played all these games and did skits it was hilarious. Then we played Ultimate frisbee in the way nice stadium on real grass for like 2 hours I LOVED IT!

Sorry we had to leave that place and go to a different Internet cafe...bear with me :)
Anyways.... So today was so fun playing with everyone it reminded me of the ole days before the mish playin soccer and ultimate frisbee every week. We were sooo hot because it was really hot today but the sunshine was incredible I was so happy. I didn't care, I knew I wasn't in a hospital and I knew I felt great so I was gonna play my little heart out and it was wonderful :) So my area is going good too, the Family of 17 is still great. The mom and one of the older brothers are a little hard headed right now because they've all been baptist for a long time now but we'll just keep workin on them. We also set a baptism date last night with A man named Richmund. His wife and daughter got baptized last year but he didn't so we've been teaching him, its been going great. He has alot of concerns and questions but his family is so helpful. His date is for the 29th of August. We also have 2 little kids ages 9 they are from Part-member families, even though they are just little kids I love watching how it strengthens families as they all join together in the gospel. This month is our Mission Tour which means Elder Edwards and Elder Teh from the Area Presidency are here and touring all over the mission and then we have a big conference at the end of the month so I'm excited for that it should be REALLY good. Well All is Well as usual, besides the fact that my body just doesn't want to serve a mission with me haha my Spirits still strong as ever ;) so keep the pills comin dad cuz I'm runnin real low and I'm poppin those puppies like tic-tacs! I love you all so much Stay Happy and well keep the letters comin! Keep me updated on Grandma Jones too :)
Love Always,
Sis. Grant

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