Monday, July 27, 2009

ABC's- Arson, Bata, Cousins!!!‏

Man I'm jealous ya'll got to go to the 24th and I didn't and Heap reunion too! Ya'll know that's my all time favorite time of the year. I was happy to hear though that it wasn't the same without me..duh of course not thats MY town haha I figured ya'll wouldn't go to the rodeo since you usually only went to watch my races :) but I'm glad ya'll had a good time. I can't believe you got released mom its about time ha but you will be a great Sunday school teacher.

So this week was crazy we had transfers on Friday and I was transferred to my 2nd area. Its right in the city. Its called Bata which means child haha My companion is Sis Bradey she's from New Zealand and goes home in Nov. It's alot of change. My 2 areas and companions are completely opposite, it should be interesting but I'm exciting for the change and the new challenges that come with new areas. My 2nd day in the area, my reputation continued as our investigators house caught on fire! right by the church 2 houses burned and a little store. It was awful. Luckily no one got hurt. I 'm not sure how it even started but all the electrical wires were sparkin and I thought the big cable box was going to explode. We all just ran it was kinda scary. I'd never experienced a fire like that. We got tornadoes in Missouri, I've got monsoons and dust storms in AZ, Typhoons and floods under my belt and now fires!

I finally got to see Sterling on Friday I was sooooo excited. Oh my goodness I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug it was funny we got some looks at first and then we explained we were related and all was well :) He looked so good and it was so nice talking to him, Bro. Leslie was his teacher in the MTC too so it was fun to talk about that. I was thrilled because they put him in my zone so I'll see him at Zone conference and meetings and activities! I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN SIS FAIRWEATHER! She didn't transfer so she's still on Panay island. I feel like I'll never see her again when she transfers back to Negros I'll probably head to panay! Hopefully I'll see her soon I sure miss her. Well I hope ya'll have a good time at the reunion without me....try at least ;) I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear about it all. Thanks everyone for writing and emailing me! If you could at the bottom of your emails write your addresses so I can write back because I don't have alot of yours Thanks!

Love always,

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