Sunday, June 28, 2009

Helllooo everyone! I hope everyone is really doing as good as they sounds in letters and emails! Thank you again for always sending them, it truly is like Christmas every Monday morning when I get to read them :) So this week was great. Alexa I laughed so hard at your nature comment haha imagine how I feel! I've been "camping" for the last 4 months! but I truly LOVE it here I can't picture myself anywhere else right now. Ok short funny story, the 24th they celebrated John the Baptist Bday here...or in other words everyone just eats and sits around all day haha and they throw buckets of water on people!! hahah it was so ridiculous we were dodging buckets all day. One time I was bent down helping a little boy put his chain back on his bike and I barely got away from getting drenched the guy came up from behind me and my comp screamed..ha the little boy got wet but he didn't seem to mind we all just laughed as the guy ran away. So we had our Mission conference on Fri our last conference with Pres he goes home on July 2 It was all the missionaries on Negros Island so again I couldn't see Sis Fairweather I was sad but hopefully she'll be at transfers Sterling comes in 3 weeks!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it :) Conference was really good and I will really miss Pres and Sister Daquiaog. My area is good, the work is going well we are still finding a ton of LA and PM families but reactivation is going strong and finally the members are starting to see us bringing them to church and want to help us more. We had a signal 1 typhoon on wed which means 60-80 KM winds and no power. It was....interesting haha we had to sleep in Bago city because there was no transportation in or out of valladolid for us to go to Conference in Bacolod. It was wet but fun. Happy Birthday Tasha on the 23rd :) and I hope all of you have a wonderful week, I'm so excited to hear so many of my friends and family members are experiencing and enjoying the blessings of the temple PADAYON!! (continue!) haha Theres no other greater work we can do than temple work! I love you all so much. No worries All is well!


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