Monday, June 15, 2009

Gummi Worms and Soup!!

Hello!!! First I just want to say I got your package mom and I'm pretty sure the entire world could feel my glee haha I sat down with a bowl of my favorite potato soup and gummi worms like it was thanksgiving dinner and a french silk pie!! THANK YOU! The shoes fit and are adorable ( as cute as rubber shoes can be hah) and the articles and letters were wonderful Mahal Kita :) Next, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! I love you so much dad hope you had a great day. So this week was an interesting one. Si Manzon of course left early Tues morning so I was put in charge of my area. I was nervous to be left alone but knew the Lord would help me, and he did. The ward missionary that worked with me was a little difficult she wouldn't follow any of the rules cuz she said she wasn't a missionary so it was a bit hard but all turned out well to be honest it was all the Lord there's no way I could have done it alone. I woke up alone went to bed alone while she did other things, I had to plan and organize a baptism that we had yesterday for 2 boys whose father is excommunicated and mom is in Singapore it was frustrating at times but luckily All IS WELL :) the Baptism went good and now I have a new companion and she is wonderful her name is Sis Ruadil ( Row-a-deel) shes from up by manila and has been our 9months. I can tell we're going to work really well together. It's still pretty nerve racking because its like I'm the senior I lead everything, planning, where we go who we teach what we teach and I lead the lessons. Shes a bit shy and of course doesn't know the area but the Lord answers my prayers everyday and helps me every minute. The language is actually going really well, it's finally started to click! YEAHHHHH!!! Thank you for all the emails and yes, Ben I got your email and the hand written letter ;) Alexa and Bailey I had 2 baptisms yesterday so you know what that means...and if you don't you'll be getting a letter soon and you'll understand :) I love you all so much and I'm glad to hear every ones doing well. Congrats Corey and Krieg on the Temple marriages!! Another one bites the dust huh? haha Well I love you all and hope you have a good safe week!

Love Always,

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  1. Where is she currently serving? I'm from Jaro, Iloilo. Hope the would have sister missionaries serve in our area too.