Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Will Survive!!...Hey Hey

Mayong Aga!!! Hello everyone! Things are going great here as usual, My new comp and I have been together for a week or so now and I love her! we have so much fun and She works really hard which is good because we have our work cut out for us. We were struggling to get some solid progressing investigators so last week we prayed and fasted that we would be lead to those the Lord wanted us to teach in order to strengthen the ward here. All week we reaped the blessings of that fast it was incredible! Every single person we met and OYMed (open your mouthed) was a Less active or Part member family! Something finally clicked with the Bishopric and Ward missionaries and they've started to really help us a ton! Its going so well and I can see some serious progression happening here :) There are over 800 members in Valladolid but barely 100 at church each week THATS RIDICULOUS! I feel like going out to the Plaza where they all gather all day and standing on the fountain and Saying No matter what your concern Regardless of the Reason I have 1 question! " In all your years as a believer, have you never felt the stirring?" haha (mom :) ) (For all of you reading this that's a quote from the church movie "The Testaments") Seriously though I 'm determined to do something about this. I have some ideas and we've been seeing results but I want more we could have a whole new stake just in Valladolid! TULONG BRO LELSIE ahah any suggestions? sending out the corner dweller bat signal :) The language is continuing to improve each day Sis Ruadil was a teacher so she helps me soooo much its such a blessing. We had another Baptism on Sat ( alexa, bailey...) Sis Diana Jover we reactivated her husband and they have a 4 month old baby girl ADORABLE it was so wonderful to see their beautiful family make the necessary steps towards becoming an eternal family. Anyways thank you as always for your letters and emails! The conference issue is incredible and I hope you all are reading it over and over again! GO TO THE TEMPLE! :) and I love you all so much.
All is Well :)

P.S no I didn't get to see my dear Sis Fairweather but maybe soon...she is on the other island right now so maybe next transfer.


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