Monday, April 12, 2010

General Conference

Ok first off I just want to say that conference was absolutely WONDERFUL! I loved it. I can't believe its already been another 6 months but man were all the talks soo good. I love how inspired all the speakers are about the topics. Each session has an overall "theme" like Elder Neil A. Anderson said and its always incredible to see the miracle of all the talks building on each other. I learned so much and received so much council and guidance that I was seeking. Now I just have to patiently wait for the Liahona to come out next month so I can read and study them all over again! haha

I was happy to hear ya'll got out of Utah I was praying for you guys that you wouldn't get stuck there. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me every letter you write me about all the family history work ya'll are doing! I'm so jealous, but I guess I still have 2 months to focus on the living then I can start helping with the dead no? haha save me some names ha?! I just get chills when I think about our whole family inside the temple just baptizing and doing the work for our lamanite heritage :) KEEP GOING!!

My new area is sooo awesome! The Lord is truly pouring out the blessings on us here in Old Sagay. We've only been there 1 week but we already have some really good solid investigators that I'm so excited for! The members here are incredible, they come out with us every single day and help us. We just go from one part member/ Less active family to the next and we are having sooo much success! Through some tender mercies of the Lord and help from the ward we were able to contact two girls ages 16 and 19 that had baptismal dates before the area closed and then were just kind of forgotten about. So sad! but even though they were never baptized they still went to church every week in the neighboring city with their aunt and have continued to read the BOM and their desire to be baptized is stronger than ever! We taught them twice and then gave them a new baptismal date! Hows that for progress in a newly opened area haha our first week and we have 2 investigators with a Date! haha I couldn't be happier to say the least :)

It is seriously beautiful here, I can't WAIT to bring ya'll here and have you actually walk down these little roads with me and meet these wonderful people. Pictures and stories just don't do justice in the slightest degree.
I love you all so much and miss you even more! I'm excited to hear if I'll have another niece or nephew so make sure you fill me in!
Stay safe and keep going to the temple! Keep the letters coming :)

LaLu, Always,
Sister Grant

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