Sunday, December 6, 2009

New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Well this week was really good. We were literally led to 3 very "elect" investigators and the teachings with them were sooo powerful it was awesome you can definitely feel the difference when you find those that have been prepared to listen and accept your message. Like they always say the message of the gospel has a "familiar ring" to them. I LOVE THAT. It so true and wonderful when that happens.

I also came in contact with a modern day "Korihor" this week it was an interesting experience for me. Man am I grateful for the guidance and influence of the spirit. It truly is one of the most powerful and effective tools we have. This man was a wolf in sheeps clothing for sure. I instantly felt at unease when we arrived. I had an interesting experience with him and learned a lot about the deceptions of Satan and his powerful influence in the confusion and deceiving of men here on earth. Its scary, but if you are doing what you know you should and following the will of the Lord we are promised a constant companion to help us and guide us and clear our minds of the confusions of the world. I am so grateful for that and know it is available to all of us.

Mom, I have no idea where that address is that you gave me sorry haha can I get a Barangay name? or province? something else because I have no clue. I haven't got a package yet with a tree in it but maybe tomorrow at District mtg. I DID however receive a classic Tinkerbell package from alli and jeffy and beana I almost died when I opened it haha thank you guys soooo much I sure miss and love you all!

NEW YORK!! NEW YORK!! are ya kidding me?! Mamma Mia on Broadway! SPOILED ROTTEN!! jealous party of one your table is ready?! ahah busy over here trying to save souls and ya'll are taking over the big apple?! haha Hope you guys have a blast and try not to think of me to much while your all bundled up freezing and I'm in a tropical paradise? Melakalikimaka!!! haha I was singing that song the other day and just laughin at myself as usual and my comp just thinks I'm crazy but hey what can ya do right?

So the work is going really well, I have 4 baptisms lined up for this month and i'm excited for all of them they are really strong investigators and I know they will be great additions to the ward here!
I can call anytime on Christmas day or Christmas eve so it depends on you guys you just tell me when you want me to call and I'll do it. CANT WAIT!!

Love ya!!!
Always, Sister Grant

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