Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

BUT WHAT WOULD I WEAR!!!! Haha that will be the first movie I watch when I go home I don’t care if its June! Glad to hear the Annual Jones Party went well and there were a few extras to join in on the fun (Ben and Cory and Heather) Hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

We had our baptism on Sat and it went great, I just love Richard and his little family. I’m excited for this sat for our next 3 Virgie and Angienick and Theodore, it will truly be a White Christmas and their faces after baptism is the best present ever…corny yes, but fact none the less.

We have our Christmas conference on Thursday and then all the sisters will sleep at the mission home for Christmas. I’m excited to see all the sisters here on Negros but of course will be missin my Sis Fairweather I wish she was on the same Island as me but at least Sterling is here with me so Ill get to see him. We also had our Zone Activity earlier this morning it felt so good to play basketball. It was way fun.

Thanks so much for the Christmas Tree its sooo cute I love it everyone was jealous of all my pictures and the tree, plus the count down is always fun. I also got a package from Ammie and Papa you have no idea how excited I was for the tootsie rolls and cashews! Haha I will probably gain 50 pounds when I get home just eating all the food I miss right now. More to love no?

Well glad to hear all is well sorry I don’t have much time to write right now since we had our activity earlier but next week I’ll write all about our Christmas and the baptisms. Stay safe and keep writing! Love you all and miss you sooo much can’t wait to talk to you on Christmas!
Happy Be-lated birthday to Cynthia, Chelsea and Tinkerbell!! Love you girls, your still my girls even with your husbands and babies and what not


Sister Grant

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