Monday, November 30, 2009

Famous in a small town...


Happy thanksgiving to all. I know I'm late but I figured I'd let the turkey digest and then say it ;) for as many turkeys they have here you'd think they would eat it more but they really don't eat turkey here. I sure missed thanksgiving, especially going up to Vegas and eating my favorite potatoes and rolls! haha Transfers went well, I got my new Jr companion shes transferred from Panay island she was in her last area for 7 months! she's your typical cute, tiny little philipina and I'm really excited for this transfer. 1. i stayed in Handumanan for the holidays!!! 2. My comp is way good and 3. Sterling transferred to my first area in Valladolid and so now we are in the same zone again!!! I couldn't be happier :)

My area is really doing well, We've been working so well with the members and we are truly finding the elect right now everyone we talk to is really interested and progressing I'm thrilled it's going to be a great next 2 months!

So when the new missionaries came on Friday and I got to the meeting the funniest thing happened. They all already knew me...I was so confused they all came up to me and surrounded me saying "Sis Grant we've been waiting so long to finally meet you" Needless to say I was thoroughly confused. I guess 2 sisters before going into the MTC over 2 months ago found my blog and started faithfully reading it haha then while in the MTC their mothers would copy and paste my blog entries and dear elder them to them THEN they would read them each week to everyone in their 2 districts...hahah like my life here was some kind of adventure novel! Sterling and I almost died laughing, but I was glad my blog could help them learn more about the mission and help them feel more comfortable about coming here. I would be terrified after reading it personally, I assured them that the things that happen to me aren't usually normal so they didn't have to expect the worse haha. FUNNY!

Glad to hear all is going well at home and that everyone had a good, safe thanksgiving. I have a few baptisms lined up this month that should be nothing short of wonderful so I'll be sure to write about that. Hope you all are missing my Christmas singing and craziness during the Christmas season I've been looking everywhere for a cool Christmas ornament from the Philippines to hang on your tree mom hopefully I'll spot one and send with the package of the long awaited pictures I'll be sending maybe next week or the next.
Well Love you all so much and all is well here. Keep being happy and go to the temple lights for me :)

Love always,
Sister Grant

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