Monday, December 14, 2009

The Elect!!!

(She said this picture was her reenacting the movie "Fern Gully" lol only Brooklyn)

Hello everyone! Man the work is going sooo great! We have a baptism every Saturday the rest of the transfer and I’m so excited for all of them. On Saturday is Richard Agbones he is a 9yr Part member and we Reactivated his family. Then on the 26th is the remarkable Sis Virgie and her daughter Angienick the other daughter is only 7. Their story is so cool, one day she just got a random text from the wrong number and they ended up talking for awhile the conversation turned to religion after a few days and come to find out the guy on the other end is an RM and in Luzon the big northern Island. He calls her bears his testimony answers her ?s and then challenges her to find a chapel in her area. The next Sunday she just randomly shows up at church with her 2 daughters! We meet her and get her address, begin teaching her and BAM! She is what you call a GOLDEN investigator, they are soo receptive and they have such a burning desire to learn more about the gospel. She includes herself in all activities, very active in the classes and has just immersed her family and herself in the Church its incredible. Then on Jan 2nd we have Marlon the nephew of the “Korihor” even though his uncle is truly scary and I can’t even stand being around him, RM and then went apostate and now is doing everything he possibly can to destroy the church…his nephew is Awesome! He is 23 and is soooo excited to serve a mission. He just kind of ignores his uncle and is so strong when we went to see him on sat he had memorized all of D&C 4! Haha I love it

Last night I got to watch the first pres Christmas devotional! I was so happy. I loved every minute of it and of course a few tears were shed when they sang 2 of my favorite Christmas songs, O Holy Night and Silent Night I thought of Uncle Lyle and singing in circle with candles at the spilsburys. I love my tree ya’ll sent me! Thanks so much and can’t wait to see pictures of the lights on the house and of the tree.
I’m sending a package tomorrow with lots of pictures and books and some cool things dad you’ll have to drill holes in the 3 shell things so mom can hang them as ornaments on her WORLD WIDE tree. It’s not a real PINE unless its got some real PINES on it. I love you all and miss you soo much can’t wait to talk to ya’ll on Christmas

Love ya,
Sister Grant

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