Monday, July 20, 2009

Melodies of the Gospel Life :)

Hello Family!!! How is everyone doing? Thanks for the updates everyone is so good at writing me I really am so grateful for it :) This week was great as usual, we did have another big storm but at least our house didn't flood this time, but my area was completely underwater. It was interesting. ha we were walking to one of our investigators houses in knee deep water and all the sudden a school of fish swam by our legs!! HA! there's a lot of little fish ponds around so when it floods all the fish get let loose and free to swim around! The coolest thing happened the other day we were really praying to find new young families to teach ( as all missionaries do everyday) and all day we were punted it was so hard it just seemed like everyone was too busy or not home. As we were walking down the street all the sudden this man walked up to us with a huge grin and said "I've been looking everywhere for you guys!" that's like the BEST thing a missionary could hear! turns out him and his wife are 24 and she will have a baby in 2 months about 8months ago he met with the elders and they taught the first lesson and then those elders got in a bad accident on the highway here in my area and a truck hit them as they were walking and the Filipino died and the American was sent home with his injuries so they never returned and he had been looking for the missionaries ever since! Of course we were soooo excited and were able to teach them again. They are so great and I was so happy the Lord had led him to us.

Then the son in law of our landlord came up to us and asked if I could write down the lyrics to the music I was singing the other day.. haha I was so confused I guess he had been listening to me as I was washing my clothes outside the other morning. I wash early at like 5am and he had been sitting reading and I didn't know he was there haha I was just singing hymns and what not I wrote down the lyrics to some of my favorite hymns I thought he'd enjoy and we set up an appointment to meet with him and his family! I love music :) Anyways life is good here and I'm still just in awe everyday that I'm actually here having the opportunity to do this, its so incredible. I'm soooo excited sterling comes on Friday!! I'm so sad I'm missing the 24th but I know ya'll will have fun for me :) I'll be thinking about you all and I love you all so much!


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