Saturday, January 17, 2009

1st Letter Home

Dear Family,

My goodness! I feel like a kid at Disneyland for the first time! :) Everything here is exactly how I expected it to be. I've never been some where, where everyone was so happy & willing to help. My dork dot might have encouraged them a little more but everyone here is sooo-nice. My comp is Sis. Fairweather & I am SO Blessed! She's perfect! & she's headed to Bacolod as well. There's only 1 other sister & 2 elders going to our mission but me & my comp are the only sisters in our district. The first day has been pretty crazy but I've never felt the spirit so strong. I've already learned so MUCH! Tell Colton the ice cream IS AMAZING & tell Bailey my room is great & I'm all situated and comfortable. :) Sister Fairweather is hilarious and we already act like we've known each other forever! She's 21, 5 ft 11, and from NY. We got along right away & I can't imagine having any problems in the future.

There's 2 other sisters in our room both going to the Philippines they are interesting........ha/ha. I'll send pics, the one sister put on her pj's & they had a huge cat on the front, it was so hard not to laugh. We already started learning the language this morning. It's crazy how fast everything goes. Kumusta Ka! is Hi how are you & we've already learned how to pray in Tagalog! I've seen Morgan Nelson & Landry quite a bit. I also see Andrew Lee alot, it's been so fun!! Well I'll write again soon. Everything is going so amazing. I feel so blessed to be here and the spirit is so strong. Can't wait to share some more stories with you. INGAT!! (take care)

Love you all!

Sister Grant

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  1. Oh my got a letter all ready?!! We haven't heard from Landry yet. I better call Paige and see if she has! (I think Brooklyns roommates must be those girls Andrea and I saw crossing the street with us! Ask Andrea about them!)