Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zions Camp

Well they say that Zions camp was the Lords way to prepare the men he needed in the future through challenges and illness they were proven faithful and prepared for the next challenges of their lives... well I have now gone through Swine Flu, frequent lack of conciseness and seizures. I've had violent food poising, floods, fires and now....drum roll please. Rabies. If this is my Zions camp I'm pretty nervous for the next half of my life! haha Yup you guessed it of course I would get bit by a dog and need 9 (count em 9!!!!) shots which could be easily compared to a dadgum pvc pipe the needles were huge! I got bit on my ankle and one hole was pretty deep. dumb dog. It was an accident I didn't see him laying down behind me and I stepped on him then he bit my leg. When I got to the doctor it was pretty funny he just looked at me and said sis grant why are you always in here, and why can't you ever just have the regular flu or something? hahaha he said you must have the worst luck ever! I told him actually considering my comp is a nurse so she knew exactly what to do and the fact that I got bit by probably the ONLY dog in the Philippines with a full shot record I think I'm pretty darn lucky! he just laughed so everything is good now no need to worry but that was an exciting happening this week...We went back and hiked Mambukal again today and it was a blast and my leg held up real well :) The work is going really well we had our Zone Conference last Tuesday and it was Awesome! the training was sooo useful and I sang in the choir of course which is always wonderful. Glad to hear all is well at home and the holidays are coming! I'm so excited to have Christmas here I hope I stay in handumanan for the holidays we have soo many activities and baptisms lined up but we'll just have to see. Thanks for all the emails and I'll write next week about the stuff i need or want in the package your sending. Love you all! Miss ya ;)

Sister (accident-prone) Grant

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