Monday, May 4, 2009

Mothers Day, Mud, and Mahal (love)

Hey there!!! Thanks for the emails everyone :) Happy Birthday to Colton and Becky on the 30th I'm sorry if I forget birthdays I'm horrible at remembering them so bear with me people haha This week was such a good one it was a wet one but it was good. On sat we got stuck in a really bad storm and we were out in the middle of nowhere!! haha The wind was so strong I literally had my little companion and one of the ward missionaries under my arms like a CHICKEN MAMA so they didn't fly away we were soaked from head to toe in mud up to our knees because the house we were going to doesn't have a road you have to cross their rice field and because of the rain it was just one big lake of water and mud haha we slipped a few times so you can imagine what we looked like...Caves at heap reunion mom ;) hah the ward missionary was crying and my companion was just scared I think...ha she kept screaming all I could do was like Elder Wirthlins advice and laugh. It was a very memorable experience and one of many to come I'm sure, with the whole typhoon season comin and all LOL.

So I didn't get transferred!! YEAH and neither did my comp! so this will be her last area and I'll be her last comp...poor girl..haha I'll call on Sunday night Probably sometime between 7-9pm Just be at home I'll call from here at like 8am on Monday so it should be sun night there. I'll call and give you the number and then you can call me back. Just have a list of ?s mom and I'll answer them all. I love you all so much and I can't wait to talk to you next week I'm so excited!! I can talk for 30-45 min so be ready :) Hope all continues to go well LALU!!!!


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