Monday, May 11, 2009

Be happy, Be strong, Bring em' Home :)‏

Well It was absolutely wonderful to talk to you all this morning! more than words can say. I love you all so much! Dad don't worry I got my Mosquito net out as soon as I got off the phone with you. So everything is going great here in the Pines, I had my first convert baptism on sat!! A husband and a wife the Natinga family I wrote about before, It was great as all baptisms are and we have 4 more planned for this month so the work is really good! It stopped raining for a few days and we were back to sweating like pigs during the day. We lost electricity on Thursday, all night. I thought I was going to die laying there in bed without the fan it was so hotttt!! haha This week we have our zone meeting tomorrow in Bacolod so that should be fun, its always great seeing the other missionaries and it will be interesting to see who's in our zone now after the transfers. Thanks for all the emails, Its always so good to hear how great everyone is doing. Keep em' comin! Happy Mothers Day to all of you. Especially my "other" mothers ahah Deb, Cindi, Sheri, Beth hah all of you ;) Hope everyone has a fantastic week! Denee you can add some of the things I talked about on the phone if you like. The answer to every ones questions is BUCKET. I shower, wash my clothes flush the toilet and basically do everything out of big buckets...haha gotta love the pines. Love you to pieces!! I pray for you all daily.

Love always,

Ok a couple things to add from our conversation with Brooklyn yesterday:

We asked her about the food over there and if she's eating ok or if she has come across some pretty gruesome stuff. She said one time at a families home they brought out goat for them to eat but it still had all the head and everything and patches of burnt hair still on it. Poor Brooklyn, we all about died for her just hearing that. She said her companion doesn't eat meat just fish and all the members know that so it pretty much saves her from having to eat weird meat, BUT she has now realized she's allergic to fish. She never ate fish before her mission so she had no idea but now after feeling nauseous and having her throat start to itch and get irritated she realized she's allergic. So for the most part she said she eats a lot of rice, vegetables, and fruit. She said her favorites are the mango and jack fruit.

She also told us her transfers are June 12 so we'll see if she gets to stay in her first area a little longer or if she'll be moved to another town.

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