Monday, April 20, 2009

The rains came down and the floods cames up!!

Well That AZ heat isn't hittin here, well anymore than it usually is anyway... but the rain sure is! Its been so crazy its a good thing I absolutely love the rain because it hasn't stopped! Because I'm right on the coast the flooding isn't to bad because it just goes back out to sea but all week we've been walkin in shin deep water every where we go ha I definitely gave a prayer of thanks that my toe healed quickly so that I didn't have any open wounds for anything living in those waters to come a swimmin ;) It's definitely exciting. The wind is ridiculous I totally feel like kalipokie haha and it's not even typhoon season yet!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENEE! and BEN and MARISA sorry I'm late on those two ;) But I sent you all real letters so no worries. and If you could reply by email it would be so much better because I get it in time. I've been getting all the dear elders super late like ones written from my first week in the MTC weird but whatever. I think Maya will come on weds. but I think you should hold up for cinco de mayo haha

Things are going great here in the Valladolid transfers are next week on May 1 and I'm just praying I don't get transferred we have 5 baptisms on May 9th alone! I would hate to miss them and leave this area I feel like I'm finally just figuring it all out! We had stake conference on Sunday in Bago City. It was incredible. It was a broadcast specifically to the people inthe southern Philippines. Elder Holland, Pres. Eyring, Elder Madsen who served as an area authority here in 2000 and Sis Matsumori talked to us, man it was good. I felt like I was the only one in the chapel. Even though it was for the Filipinos I felt like they were talking especially to me, it was awesome. We had 6 investigators come to conference so that was way cool!

I got a letter from Ben Ray today haha it made me laugh so hard I love that boy, Our letters travel so far to each other its crazy we are literally on opposite sides of the world but our letters are fun and it sounds like he's doing great, he gives me good advice :)How did all the Doug stuff work out? How's the hoedown coming along mom? We don't really get to go to China I was way bummed they just get us a ticket and keep rescheduling so the country sees we have a way out...what ever that's all about anyways we didn't go to China.

I saw Sterlings name on a list of arrivals for July today in the mission office I just got so excited all over again. I can't wait for him to get here! Today was fun we had Zone activity and we had a huge sports fest it was so fun although Filipino women don't play sports apparently so I was the only girl playing but it was still way fun. We're having FHE with the Bishops family tonight I'm excited I love them! Well sorry to hear about the Computer problems the electricity has been out here for two days it just came back on this afternoon I was so glad I thought I wasn't going to be able to email. Well all is well and everything is going so great! I'm still just loving it, I can't believe I've been in the pines for a month now! Crazy! well I miss you all so much and love you even more!!

Love Always,

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