Monday, April 6, 2009


Alright well I just got done planting Mangroves trees in knee deep thick mud along the coast of Pulapandan...Hows that for an opening line huh? haha It was sooo fun. It was our zone (CSP) Community Service Project. I loved it except I was helping all the sisters across this really thick mud, it was up to our knees I kid you not and one almost fell and so I grabbed her and she pushed me down and I sliced my foot real bad but no worries mom I bactined it to death and now its all bandaged and great.

Some quick funnies... Ok so we were praying in our front room when all the sudden this mouse that we've been chasing ran right into the wall and like stunned itself so I ran and got a pot and chased it around and CAUGHT IT!! ahah I was so proud. Then we were teaching this lady and her daughter in a little room the size of our pantry the other night and it was so dark and hot and all the sudden right in the middle of me talking this huge lizard falls from the ceiling right on my shoulder! HA! then the next night we were teaching this family and their house was full of chickens and ducks! EVERYWHERE and as I'm sitting there listening to Sis. Manzon this duck goes under my chair I thought it walked all the way under so I went to stand up and stepped on it and the darn thing bit my ankle! I was bleeding! lol I can say I've been bit by a duck theres that.. ;)

Ok to clear some things up about my MTC experience..Yes, its true I didn't tell ya'll everything and I'm sorry but I didn't want to worry you and I knew I would be fine and look here I am in the pines healthy as a karabaw (google it) I'm sorry I'm not as detailed as I am at home I only have 30 min and there's sooo much ya'll will just have to trust me and read my journal when I get home ;) Last week we had Zone conference and It was absolutely wonderful! I love my Mission Pres and his wife I will be so sad when they go home in June. We found a family I'm so excited about. It was so random how we met them but they have 5 sons and one is a member but got baptized and lives in Manila so his family was so excited to see us!

Send my memory card back to me so I can send you the one I have with all my pictures on it and Denee make sure everyone knows they can email me directly at Mom My bed is bamboo but i have a mattress, My area is a small coastal city but there's like a million people here its crazy, I've been eating some crazy stuff but mostly peanut butter and bread haha lots and lots of rice...I'll just float home. We walk everywhere 10-12 miles a day or we ride Jeepnies and Trikes. You think you were scared driving with Chris Spils Mom....You have no idea! There are NO, ZERO Traffic laws here and everyone drives like 90 miles an hour its terrifying yet thrilling haha The best part is when the buses race and its a 2 way road and there's oncoming traffic so they swerve and mirrors barely miss each other and then as they pass you read Hows my driving? call ****** on the back of their window hahah what a JOKE! ;)

My health is Perfect and my spirits are high I love this work so much even though I still have to pray constantly for comfort and help. My prayers are being answered and the Lord is helping me an incredible amount. My weakness are made clear everyday but I'm trying my hardest and I feel myself growing so much everyday I'm so grateful for this experience. I love you all so much and I think about you everyday. It's so funny the most random things happen that remind me of home and of our family I love it, I miss it, but there is no where else I'd rather be. Honestly. This is the hardest thing I've ever done.....ever, but I can already see the blessings and how much I'm changing and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I hope all is well I'm so excited for Colton and Jamie!! and for Allie and Rae and Allie and Jeff there's so many wonderful things going on in the lives of people I love..It makes me sooo happy. I love you all.


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