Monday, June 14, 2010

Mountain of the Lord......

So this week was great! We had so many teachings and got so much work done! Not to mention we got to go to Sagay and watch the Cebu City Cultural Event which was sooo awesome! They had youth groups from all over the visayas and Mindinao stakes preform traditional filipino dances and songs! oh you know I was loving ALL OF THAT! they even did a little segment about the American Soldiers in WW2 coming over and teaching them how to "swing" there was about 50 filipino boys and girls doin the twist and the mash potatoe in the middle of the stadium all wearing poodle skirts and what not ahaha I thought I was gonna die laughing when they zoomed in on one boys face while he dipped his partner and swung her around haha he was so into it! Oh it was so great. Pres Monson was just grinnin from ear to ear. He was on the stage laughin so hard. We had 2 of our youth age investigators come with us and they enjoyed it so much I think they saw how fun all the programs for the youth are in the church and it got them excited to know they are a part of that now :)

Then of course, on Sunday we got to go back to Sagay to watch the Live Broadcast of the actual Dedication. Something I will definitely never forget, my whole life. There I was surrounded by these incredible people that have truly become my family and witnessing and joining in on their joy as they receive a Brand new Temple in their country. The talks were amazing and for the first time in way too long I felt like I was entering back into those beautiful and sacred walls of the Temple. ( even if it was via satellite :) ) Pres Monson was there as well as Pres Eyring and Elder Oaks, Bishop Burton and the complete Area Presidency of the Philippines. The spirit was indescribable and the feelings and thoughts that ran through my heart and mind as the brethren talked about the wonderful people here and promised them the most sweetest of blessings. I thought my heart was going to explode! I've never felt so much love.

He challenged everyone in attendance and listening to rededicate themselves to their family history and to their temple service and attendance. It was a nice opportunity for me to solidify and recommit myself to my own personal goals concerning the Temple in my own life. As usual when leaving the Temple, I walked out with sooo much newly gained understanding and knowledge about Our purpose here and the importance of the gospel and helping those around us and those in the spirit world accept it. I can not WAIT to go to the Manila Temple again before I fly home. I hope that all of you especially those of you in AZ understand how truly blessed you are to have a Temple so close to you. Are you using it? Are we forgetting the incredible blessings promised to us and others we have the chance to do work for if we go there? I hope not. There will soon be 4 Temples in AZ that is amazing! I hope we all can try our hardest to go as often as we can and help those around us feel the importance as we share the wonderful experiences that happen there.

Our work is still going great here in Old Sagay, we have Zone Conference on Wed, A big Service project on Friday and 2 Baptisms on Sat, then Sunday is my last Sacrament Meeting in the Philippines...bring on the water works! haha I'll be speaking and playing I know my Redeemer Lives on my violin as my last makes me sick just thinking about it but I know the Lord will help me and I know this is not the end haha I'll be back here as soon as I can! I hope all is going great with all of you and I can't wait to see ya'll soon! I love you sooo much!

LALU Always,
Sister Grant

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