Monday, October 19, 2009

Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival 2009! I can't even begin to explain the festivities in Bacolod city right now its the most colorful, awesome thing ever! Its like Disneyland electric light parade meets New Orleans Mardi-gras! haha The Parades and dances and costumes are incredible. No worries I got pictures and when you all come back with me to visit we will definetly come at this time of year even with the rain its worth it.
So the work is still going well, I feel so blessed to be in Handumanan it is truly a fruitful area. All the things we hear from the Prophet and Brethren about ward mission processes and working through the members is so true! When we have members working with us and giving us referals and then the auxillaries working with the Bishop, whew wee its GOLDEN! Josie and her son christian will be baptized this sunday, the one that was waiting for an answer and then her husband testified and turned everything around. I'm so excited and her Husband Bro Durmentes can barely breath he's so happy his wife and son are joining him as members of the church its truly wonderful to see. Then on Nov 1 we have another baptism of Jeffrey Palma his wife is a member and they just had a baby boy during conference weekend. He has made a complete turn around from his life before and I know his new sons life will be completely different now that both his parents are preparing to go to the temple and be sealed. Man, there is just NOTHING like this work or this gospel!
Well last wed was my hump day. Yep believe it I'm half way done! I can't believe it, every month just seems to go by faster and faster! Just like everyone says, it's starting to scare me a little bit haha We had our transfer announcment on wed and found out that they were taking Sister Fairweather away from me again...poor thing she has to jump back on a boat over to Panay. We were soo sad, but this last transfer was ablast being able to be close to one another. My new comp is Sister Baraquiel, she is great. Quiet. but we'll see how long that last as my comp haha but she works hard and even though I'm leading in the area now I can tell she's trying hard to help the area and she's only been there 3 days! She was in San Carlos for 7 months so she only speaks cebuano...yup thats a stumbling block in the relatuionship but we're workin on it :)
Well I'm glad to hear all is well and everyone is just truckin along, Let me know about Ben Ray and all that I bet he is freaking out right now. At least thats what it sounded like in his letters haha. Love you all miss you!

Sister Grant

Mom I dont know my address either haha sorry I'll get right on that for ya ;)

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